Valentine's Day + Studio Photos

Admit that no matter how bitter you are about Valentine's Day or no matter how you promised yourself to be single, you still feel a bit sad every time that Day comes. 

Lol. It's not just my day. 

Everyone's going on about how they're dying to receive flowers, bears and chocolates and here we are stuffing ourselves with donuts! 

I spend the Couple's Day with a very cute and single friend of mine, Ghielina aka Bebi Girl. To put it simply, she's my Valentine's date hahaha ! 

Since we had a night class, we decided to have a study session at Dunkin' Donuts. Memorizing all those Sections really made my head hurts. 

Studying=Pigging out is what I really mean.

My lovely date!

Bitterness level: 1000%

Laida came and gave us these TTuTT so thoughtful of her! 

Because it's single awareness day for us.

After the night class, we made a short detour to the mall, it's where I almost cried because my gang gave me lots of stuff. TTuTT Me and Bebi touchingly accepted them. I.Wanna.Cry. ;____; 

Everyone's so thoughtful for giving me chocolates, pink little bear, those cute hearts, and the balloon. Thank you for going out of your ways and for pitying me. I know you all do and it probably made you broke hahaha but I love you for that. These sweet little gestures of you guys are the reason why I don't need someone to complete me because your existence is enough. TTuTT dramatic as it seems but yeah! 

I'm not gonna deny that I'm bitter about this event, for some REASONS it made me hate this day a little. On the side note, I'm not desperately looking for a partner, not anytime soon. I think focusing on what's more important is what really matters. Love is something I shouldn't be rushing on about, it will come eventually. I still want to enjoy my time alone and you know, self-love hahaha!

Anyway, I personally want to thank my date, Bebi for celebrating V-day with me. You could've made some other plans or date whoever but you still choose to spend it with me. Huhu! 

Cheers to more single and successful years !! 

After 2 days we...........
Went completely out of our minds I mean...

We tried Click Selfie Photo Studio. It was unplanned because we're supposed to watch a movie but got cancelled.

Gonna show you some of our total 200 photos! Yes 200 shots hahaha ! 

Barefoot me!

Clumsiness at it's finest.

Bebi turned into a Panda! 

And I channelled my inner Pikachu hahaha ! 

Bebi just came back from a portal hahaha !! 

Two broke girls laughing like "how are we gonna go home after this"? 

Anyway, it's my very first time wearing seifuku and a maid costume! I feel very japanese having the sakura as our background too! The next time I'll take a photo with sakura trees, it would be the real thing. Motivation mode: on! This whole experience was amazing and unforgettable! I'd like to try it again. Well not now because it's hella pricey for me. Surely unplanned events are more exciting than planned ones.

Thank you again to my cute little buddy for spending thrice of her allowance with me hahaha ! #TwoBrokeGirls

A well-spent Valentine's Day I must say !

Happy Heart's Day :) 
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