Mother's Day 2015

Since I'm still unemployed, I'm thinking of other things to blog, this whole temporary vacay has been amazing so far. I'm enjoying the rest that I believed I deserve and yes, prior to my unemployment, I still feel like something is lacking and that I should be doing something worthwhile. However, right now, I'm currently on my idle mode hahaha !! Off limits on everything that will only bring stress. That's why I'm enjoying every bits of time I have left before I enter the real world. 

Anyways too much info for an introduction. We all know Mother's Day falls on May. Apparently here in our household, we take that day seriously. I think everybody else does. It's the day where we honor all the amazing mothers on the world and make them remember how grateful we are for them. I hope everyone treats their moms special everyday not just for the said occasion. 

I grew up seeing my cousins giving roses and giving pecks on my aunt's face at 12 midnight of the second Sunday of May and at a very young age, I got used to doing the same thing with my mom and every moms in our neighborhood. I remember my mom sleeping and waking  her up with a kiss on her cheek and a single rose from my cousin. And up to this day, I admit that I still do it. I love her reactions everytime and I feel like somehow I was able to ease the tiredness that she had from work. 

We had two consecutive celebs of Mother's Day and if I had to summarize those in one word it would be "pizza"! *Q*

Celebrated the first day at home with two boxes of pizza, an ice cream and we had a few roses on our table to top it off. 

My sister treated us out for dinner the next day! She surprised Mom with a bouquet. And again pizza for today!

Love you Mama Dear! <3

Us girls! Loving her smile here :)

My Tita who's also part of our fam joined in!

Oh hi there love !

My obligatory photo hahaha !

"Tara selfie tayo"- Tita xD

Lakas maka bagets hahaha !! 

Who's prettier? Hahaha ! 

The woman behind my short height and chubby body. Loooool sorry mom but despite that fact, I still owe every piece of my life to you. Even though I'm hard headed most of the time and we often fight, just remember that at the end of the day, you'll always be my superwoman!! If I go on with this thank you message that I know you will never get to read (because you don't know my blog) I might actually turn this into a book! So let me just end it here. 

I love you Atunton from the bottom of my kokoro! 

~► Grace


  1. Wow, what a huge pizza! Sounds like a nice celebration ^_^

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