Chapter 4 of 2015

April came sooooo fast ! I feel bad because my blog has been inactive throughout the month. T^T I got a lot of stuff that needs to be done. The graduation, the job hunting, the processing of school papers and so much more. I barely got a week of rest because I'm always out. 

Anyway, So much of the negatives, April on the other hand, gave me so many happy memories. 

Let's start it off with the opening of the swimming pool located at the 5th flr of our building. I don't usually go there but because it's freaking hot, I went anyway. Gladly, we went there in the afternoon so we had the pool all to ourselves! 

Taking photos while still dry....

Piranha spotted! I mean my sister hihi!

Y so serious?!? 

Struggling to stay alive at 9ft ! Hahaha !! 

And of course, I have to take photos of the view!! 

Sunset! <3

The road less traveled by.

This old lamp post looks like a gazebo. I don't know Hahahaha! I just think so.

The next day, I found out my pet dog Billy was here ! He doesn't live with us because my mom doesn't want to so he was forced to live in one of building floors. He's my baby ;____;

Mama missed you so much boy !! Since he's not always around, I spend the whole day petting and playing with him and his tiny paws. Still wild and naughty as ever!! 

I tried taking a selfie of him but he just kinda dodged my phone away. -___- such an epic fail. 

Then Graduation happened and Saturday on the same week, my mom held a mini celebration at home. 

I can never be more proud of my cake hahahaha !! 

The next day, I took my brother out and had a little foodtrip. :D 

Last April 14, me and my sister celebrated "Black Day" ! For those who are not aware of what black day means. It's a day where all single ladies celebrate their freedom and singleness hahaha !! We ate our all time fave chajjangmyeon! So if you're single, you might want to join us too next year? Hahahaha !!! *plays Single Ladies by Queen B*

And we literally spend the rest of the month looking for a job. 

At this point, I'm slowly starting to realize "Am I really looking for a job or just to take pictures of the place"? XD 

It's starting to make sense. The reality of how hard it is to find a job. It's not that I'm complaining though hahaha !! I know nothing's easy for first timers like me. I always try to be positive and think that I'm directed to something more beautiful. 

I realized a lot of things this April. It taught  me how to make the right decisions, to be strong, to be brave and to think outside of the box. Finding a job was never easy. I faced a lot of hardships. I experienced walking on a very hot day and still not able to achieve anything. I know this will all soon pass. After all, this is just the beginning. And for those who are like me as of the moment, please don't be so hard on yourself, things might not go the way you want it to be but someday you will achieve it! 

Ahhh so much for April! Too hectic hahaha !

Thank you for reading my monthly journal ! 
Now this happy Peko-chan candy shall end this entry.



  1. Your blog layout is so cute, I love little Baymax with the bow ^_^ The pics of your dog are sweet too, I want a dog!

    { }

    1. Awww ! <3 Thank you !! I had a hard time making my layout because I don't know anything about photo editing, glad you liked it ! :) and of course for reading my blog entry!! :*


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