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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mama's Birthday Celebration

This birthday celebration is probably one of the most unforgettable because our clan (from le father's side) came to celebrate with us! It was actually a week earlier before the actual birthday of my mom, we had to make it advanced so everyone can join us. Since we're always the ones who pays a visit, they haven't been here for ages so it's such a rare sight! 

My mom looks so happy! I love that smile Atunton! :D

 We also had a few drinks with my cousins. I'm the oldest of them all yet the smallest TTUTT how could you?

We sang her a happy birthday song in which she ended up as an awkward turtle who didn't know what to do hahaha ! My mom isn't really used to this type of celebrations. 
Sorry for revealing your age mom hahaha ! You don't look 48 at all, trust me !

This looks like a portrait <3 and I'm loving it.

One of the things I'm most happy about was when Mamay showed up at our house. She doesn't like traveling anymore because of her age, and I feel bad because it did make her sick :( I really appreciate her presence that day. Well I do appreciate everyone's presence so no problem here hihihi ~ 

I love you Mamay ! :) 

Eating, drinking and taking photos in between hahaha ! Multitasking at its finest lol

With my father's sister, Tita Alice. And yes, I'm this big already hahaha ! Kain pa more!

It's mom's birthday yet all you got to see was our faces lol ! Well she's having drinks with my Aunts and Uncles outside of our house hahaha ! And we had our own too. So kaniya kaniya kami mga ganon xD 

I wish we can always have celebrations like this, where everyone is happy. My mom is very thankful to all of them and so do I. I truly appreciate everyone's effort for coming to our little home, for making time to celebrate with us and for reminding us that we're all family here. 


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