My Dream.

In my first post, I wrote about my dreams but I thought that it wasn't really related to the New Year, New Me concept that I was talking about so I want to explain further about it & how did I end up with these.

Since I was young, I've been watching Card Captor Sakura, it was the first anime I had watched besides Fushigi Yuugi and Magic Knight RayEarth. I remembered being a huge fan of Prince of Tennis that I even asked my cousin to buy me a tennis racket as a pasalubong during her stay in Japan. And yeah, she bought it but I haven't used it to an official match.

During my Grade School days, I saved all my money to buy posters, stickers and other anime merchandises at Comic Alley. Up to now, my whole room is covered with posters aside from Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yong Hwa posters keke ~!

Here are some of my collections :))

I remembered starving myself for weeks just to get this Clow Cards, for a grade school student buying this was no joke. It's quite expensive.

I really love this Sakura Notebook ! I once sketched it during my TLE class, it turned out well !

I think I have like 30 pcs. of these stickers.

To be honest, I didn't bought any of these, I was half joking when I asked two of my friends to buy me this and surprisingly they both did ! Thanky thanky ~! 

One out of my 30 posters. 

Stickers again !!!


 And in high school, my sister bought a japanese languagae learning book. It helped me alot ! I can read Hiragana and Katakana but Kanji is so much pain in the ass haha ! I've been learning japanese language since then, basic phrases, and sentences all thanks to the Animes that I had watched.

Also during those days, I became a Kpop fan. It was when Kpop was still unpopular in my country.

Okay so let's get this straight, going to Japan for good has always been my dream. 

Walk in busy streets of Shinjuku.

 See sakura in spring.

 Experience snow.

 Tour in Akihabara.

 See the Tokyo Tower at night.

Shop and meet unique fashionistas in Harajuku.

 And lastly, to live and adapt their environment, cultures and traditions. Go to America or Europe, I'm sure you can find similarities between those two but if you go to Japan, it's like a different world. Everybody loves Japan ! I mean who doesn't ? 

I've been in love with Japan ever since, I also like Korea but not as much as I love Japan ! Even if I have to choose, I'd choose Japan. It's my first love ! 

I plan to visit there when I graduate or when I have enough money to travel. But now since I'm still a student, it'll never be soon *cries a river* Just thinking about it makes my heart flutter out of excitement, the feeling of going away and travelling alone to a place where nobody knows you. I'd literally cry if I ever step a foot in Japan, that would be too emotional for me hahaha ! :D Anyways, I have to make this dream come true no matter what ! I just have to believe in myself and be motivated to achieve this ! But still here goes the sad reality, STUDY STUDY STUDY. がんばります~!!!

So who wants to treat me travel with me to Japan ?

How about you ? what's your dream ?

~►Grace ♥


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