How My February and March Went


Me and my friends ditched the Educational Tour last February 28, 2014 and made our own tour haha ! originally we planned to have a swimming outing but because we're running out of time and some of my friends were late, we decided to changed the plan and chose the diabetic route ! 

Wanna know where we went ?

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa~! We went to Love Desserts! We actually had trouble locating it but after years of walking and huge thanks to my friend's GPS, we're able to reached the location !
Since it's my first time going there I'm really excited !! 
 I've heard a lot of positive feedbacks about this so I want to experience it myself too~ it's also a chance for me to make a review about this and to encourage others to try this out.

YES YES YES ! Just like in the picture it says "UNLIMITED DESSERTS" for only Php 200.00 :D Very cheap right ? but then again as you can see there will also be a charge for leftovers :P 

Let's start with cakes ! 
 Oh my sweet tooth ! ♥♥

 They have macaroons, cookies, chips and various kinds of breads.
 How about a shot glass full of sweets ? *Q*

Because I was dead hungry and craving my first plate was a mess haha ! :D
I had two cakes, one strawberry shortcake and the other one was black forest. I also got this cute chocolate muffin and this shot glass right there.


They also offer banana, strawberry, blueberry and apple flavored crepes!

And they will give you the privilege to design it ! :D Oh freedom ~
they have different ice cream flavors and these sweets down there !


My 2nd plate ladies and gentlemen ! I designed this myself haha ! It's a blueberry flavored crepe with bubble gum and mocha ice cream on top. Also added this cute marshmallows, sprinkles and Stick-O :) Does this even looked edible ? xD I think I overdid it but hell way I think it's cute haha ! :D 

Halo Halo !!! and yes you can put any ingredients as much as you want ! Wasn't able to try it because I'm slowly feeling full :D But would definitely try it next time ~

My last plate ! I don't even know why I did this lol !

There were lots of bulletin boards in the whole place ! So we decided to post a note and since we didn't have a paper to write on, we wrote it in a tissue paper instead haha ! How resourceful !

Us getting high with sweets ! I seriously think that eating too much sweets will affect you, because it did to me xD It's not my forte to laugh at a very simple and corny joke but after eating there, we're all like laughing out loud in the very simple thing & it's not even funny ! lol
If you're really problematic you should try eating sweets ! :) It will help.

Here's Vien complaining about his bloated tummy haha ! 

Our group picture ~ 

Overall, Love Desserts is a very happy place to be ! Like who wouldn't want to be surrounded with sweets ! It's almost seems like a paradise. I highly recommend it to everyone especially those who likes to eat sweets!

Love Desserts is located at 915 Banawe Street, Cor Del Monte Quezon City, 1100 Quezon City, Philippines. They are open from Monday to Saturday 11:00 am-11:00 pm
and Sunday 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm 

And that's how my last day of February went ! 


March has been a very busy month for me because of all the school related stuff I have to take care of like final exams, case studies and defenses. This is the time where I really felt like I'm a college student, I've never been so busy like this in my lower years. Sleepless nights because I have to review and memorize. It's really a frustrating month for me ! 

On the other side March has also been a blessed month for me :)) Should I even say it here ? xD Well because I can't help it. I'll tell you :D

March is a very special month for me because I've met this amazing guy. We started off as online friends and we never really talk before, then in a blink of an eye I found myself talking to this guy everyday and even met him personally and that didn't end there, we've been seeing each other for almost a month!

Since he came into picture, my life is a lot happier now :) He inspired me in almost everything. For the past 2 years, I've been feeling incomplete and empty, then he came along looking oh so perfect and complete the half of me.

I just love everything about this guy, his eyes, the way he flips and fix his hair, his lips(not in a malicious way but ASDFGHJKL!) OTL, his attractive personality, his attitude towards negativity, his sweetness and all of a sudden sweet nothings that every girl would kill to hear, his jokes and even his silence :)

I don't know if he knew how much I owe my happiness to him!  He supports me in everything I do and he's the one who keeps me motivated. I've never met someone as cool as him :)

Now tell me who would not fall in love with this guy ? He's like every girls dream boy haha ! :D

So yeah I FELL IN LOVE ♥ 

Sorry if my whole March has been about this topic, because he seriously occupied it !

OMG I hope he won't think of me as a freak if he ever read this xD I don't want him to know as much as possible lol it's quite embarrassing not quite but really really embarrassing ! 

So yeah if you ever read this(I HOPE NOT), don't even tell me nor comment about it okay ? I'LL KILL YOU!

To my future readers please bare with me in this post! I'm sorry I just couldn't help expressing myself and my feelings. I know it's too cheesy haha ! please
forgive me !!

Anyway, March is now over and April is here !! Summer vacation here I comeee ~ I hope I can accomplish the plans that I made for this month :))



  1. Stalker here! Hahaha. Update moreee! Next time ksama nko sa post mo :>

  2. OMG !! haha ! didn't know you'll read this haha !! Oo, mag aupdate ako as much as possible haha ! :) thank you darling ~


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