50 Things That Make Me Happy

I have a long list of what makes me happy and now that I have a chance to sit and jut it down, I could probably write a book about it!

I'm surrounded by thousand of things that makes me happy even if I don't have the newest phones, or the luxurious cars, or even the fame, it's okay because the nicest things are not found in them, it is felt by heart.

 I'm a very shallow person, I celebrate simple achievements
and laugh at lamest jokes. For me, happiness is an essential standard for living and everyone has their own particular list of what makes them happy so today I'm gonna show you few things on my list:

1. Anything matcha
2. Chickiiiiin
3. Good morning texts
4. Future plans
5. Feeling loved/special
6. Singing
7. Making songs
8. Shopping
9. Hugs that last more than a minute
10. Cuddles
11. Random compliments
12. Listening to music
13. Receiving handwritten letters
14. Looking through old photos
15. Reminiscing happy memories
16. Making people smile
17. Party with friends
18. Romantic movies
19. Presents
20. Watching sunsets & sunrises
21. Free wifi
22. Harry Styles
23. Sleep overs
24. Writing
25. Cute random drawings/doodles
26. Late night walks
27. Feeling special to someone 
28. Serious conversations
29. Japan
30. Falling and staying in love
31. Sunflowers
32. Karaoke
33. Going to amusement park
34. Back hugs
35. Taylor Swift
36. Swimming
37. Being home alone
38. Sweet phone calls
39. Donuts
40. Being liked/loved back
41. Kpop and Jpop
42. Pastel colors
43. Making my parents proud
44. Confessions
45. Talking to my mom
46. Christmas and New Year
47. People who go out of their way just to be with me
48. Being comfortable with someone
49. Forehead kisses
50. You, who's reading this now :)

and the list goes on.........



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