How My June Went

Just as I expected, I only managed to make 2 blog posts for the month of June. I've been so busy because I'm adjusting to my last year (hopefully lol
) in college. I'm now shouldering a huge responsibility and I feel so pressured coz' I don't want to let my parents down. So yeahhhhh,  have to do my best and graduate on time to achieve my dreams !! Hwaiting~ 

Aside from school, there's a whole lot of things that happened in my June. Let's start off with the gang barging for the second time at Love Desserts ! I made a review about it on my old blog post, (you can read it here!) It was a rainy day and the wind was blowing hard but that didn't stop us from pigging out hahaha ! 

Eating sweets + the cold weather = PERFECTION ! 

My amazing company ~ 

and it was one heck of a sweet day. 

We also celebrated Father's Day! Me and my fam went out to eat. The night before, my sister surprised Dad with a cake and she bought him a brand new wallet. She's the sweetest !

So obviously we ordered all kinds of chicken recipes hahaha !

Anyway I really enjoyed stuffing myself with those, I feel like my chicken wings will pop out soon because of too much chickens that I ate
Kidding aside, simple celebrations like this makes me happy  My parents and my sister are always busy with work while me and my brother go to school. Everyday is a busy day for everyone and we rarely talk, so gatherings like this makes me feel closer to them 

 Let's go to the cloudy part, my whole June composed of me being broke every week ! the amount of money that I spent was no joke. Me and the gang always go shopping making my pockets cry Aside from the school stuff that I have to buy, I also shop for some new clothes etc and I pay debts every freaking week ! Even though I've promised myself not to buy and just save money, it always turned the opposite way, shopping is something I have no control of.

 I have to do something before it gets out of hand lol!

Another reason why my June was cloudy was because I wasn't able to attend Taylor Swift's RED Tourit may not seem like it but I'm a SWIFTIE since high school. I really want to see her but my budget's like "NO YOU CAN'T" :(((( I feel so terrible ! It's actually her second time here in my country, she held her Speak Now concert here a long time ago.

So yeaahhh that's how my June went. My July must not experience the same thing (being broke) oh I don't want to struggle again !!! I'm just a student with a very tight budget so please my dear clothes and babies stay away from me. 



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