I Hope You Dance


Today, I'm gonna share my most favorite book of all time. Never thought that this impulsive purchase will make my thoughts about life change. It has inspired me in so many ways. I feel closer to God and it fueled my dying motivation at the same time. 

The book title is "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack.

I took photos of my fave lines from the book. I hope just by reading this will make you inspired just like what it did to me. :) 


I did filter it but it seemed like I actually presented you the whole book. TTuTT Anyway, Addition to why I adore this book so much is because of the huge quotations and illustrations. I love it when books have photos in it. This book gave me nostalgia. Whenever I feel like giving up, reading this always helps. 

I hope just by viewing and taking your time to read this enrty will somehow give you the encouragement you need. 




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