Chapter 3 of 2015

Probably the most strenous month of my entire school life but thank God I was able to overcome all of that and now I'm officially going to graduate college this April TTuTT

Hi! Hello ! Monthly entry for March. I've been to a quite number of places and tried different foods haha ! 

Attended the last seminar held at PuP ! I've completed all three ! :D
I also won at the raffle and received GC's and other products from their sponsors. Thank you PuP for being so welcoming.

I took my friends to Mae San where we had our dinner. As expected, they loved it! 

Our school held a gathering about Kopino! My oppa feels are everywhere. :3   Sorry can't help it hahaha ! 

So much love between the two countries! 

My cousin who's currently on Hong Kong Airport waiting for his delayed flight, took some photos and send it to me. We even skyped and he showed me around. He knew how badly I want to travel or going to the airport. :( 

The very next day, my sister took me out for lunch.

Then next Monday, it happened again! 

Glutton mode: Forever on ! ;____;
It didn't end there. Me and Bebi went to our usual tambayan the next week at Dunkin Donuts.

Then had a karaoke sesh. We're always broke ladies and gents. TTuTT

Also tried eating at Kiku, a japanese mini restau located at EspaƱa. 
Their Matcha Milktea was heavenly!! I want moreee~ 

Last but not the least,
If you're still wondering why I'm always broke, please refer to the photos above. I badly want to change that part of me and just save money. T____T but I just can't.
Bebi and I are never good together hahaha !! We're "one day billionaire" kind of people and that's just so wrong. We need help hahahaha !! Please donate to the cause so we can still perform such activities like spending a lot. This entry kinda turned into "What I've been eating this month" entry. Too many foods in one post lol I told you I tried a lot of food this month! Kidding aside, my heart is still on the clouds because I bumped into my crush just this month too, he still looked drop dead handsome as ever and I caught his eyes looking at me hahaha ! Landi ni Grasya lol

On the other hand, my kokoro is in pain and badly need a fandom hug. I wasn't able to attend One Direction's concert huhu ;_____; #TeamBahay my Directoner feels. Harry <\3 my baby. I'll come to see you soon na lang hihihi. 

Random photos :) 

Sissy looking like a doll with her new bangs.
My rude notebook. I'll bring Harry then.

My brother is growing up too fast.

Newest purchase! Loving the mean girl theme of this book. :) 

Thank you Alvin ! ^

I had a fake star tattoo.

This photo shall end my entry! 

So much randomness in one entry. Bye bye! 

Thank you minna~ 



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