Best Friends and Classmates

The dark side of April has now passed so today, I'm gonna talk about the reunions that I went to ! :)

My elementary classmate and friend, Lizette invited me to her Despedida party together with the two of my closest friends Jomarie and Brando. 

My BFF !!! First time seeing her after high school T^T talking to her seemed like we never got separated at all! I love how our friendship doesn't need to be connected 24/7 yet when we talk everything just fits perfectly! 

And this gorgeous girl who's going to Dubai in a few days ;___; Thank you Lizette for the invitation. Hope you'll have a good life there. I'm size 7 just so you know hahaha !! Kidding ! 

Then after a week, I went to my elementary school reunion. 

I got a chance to talk to the people I don't talk to before and excuse my epic face. It was really a reunion for me. I rekindled old friendships and so much more! It's nostalgic how just yesterday we were all in the same classroom and now they're all leading completely different lives. 

I wish we could do this more often :)

I personally want to thank those who took their time to talk to me and for shooing away my shyness lol do I have that ? XD 
I had fun guys. Till next time! 

Lastly, I got to reunite with my high school best friend/jamming buddy, Bill! 
It was nice seeing him again !! We reunited in the most beautiful way, by singing our hearts out and just let ourselves get lost in the music.

I'm starting to think that I really am one of the boys because we get along so well and can talk about everything without being embarrassed -____-  lol. 

We sang to a lot of Taylor Swift songs because ehem swifties here ! :D

Thanks Bells !! ~ until the next jam ! 

~► Grace


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