Chapter 5 of 2015

Basically, May has been an err month for me. I've been watching movies up until 3 am almost every night, my body clock was totally ruined as I treat morning as night and vice versa. I kept on trying to get back into track but I always fail. I've been spending this vacation on so many unproductive things. I wanna go jog but my body's not just into it hahaha !! Fall asleep at morning-wake up at noon-eat-watch a movie all night long and so on and so forth. I'm not proud about this but since this really is the content of my May, might as well tell hahaha ! You know how much I love telling stories guys! Kkk~ 

Again, this is such a long hiatus since my last entry, it's mainly because I shamelessly spend it on doing nothing and I'm sorry guys for not keeping you posted. 

I gained a lot of weight and what saddened me the most is how people reacted to this subject. Bodyshaming is not good y'all. Personally, I'm used to being called "fat" and other names but there'll be those times when I still feel emotionally hurt about it. "They" always tell me to go on a diet almost everyday and it's crazy how they shove it into my face. My self esteem drop and I don't feel happy when I look at myself in the mirror. I no longer want to wear anything that "fits" me because I got a lot of unwanted attention. I became self conscious and I just don't feel confident anymore.

Since I'm stuck at the house for quite some time, my gang decided to have a little gathering. It was only for a short period of time but worth every minute of it. I haven't seen them in a while after the graduation. 

The following week, Shitfam except for Aya had a sudden meet up. We had lunch together and played League all day long! The same week, my family also have sent my brother on a vacation with the rest of our clan at Pangasinan. 

Then, we also had a part two on the third week of May. It was a lot funnier than the first time because we went and did things just like before like eating at our usual burger store and staying at the mall for bloody long hours talking about everything we have missed. Just like the old days, when we're still running late for our next class, or ditching it to play online game at the nearest computer shop. (I do have that background, you know and that's just normal) hahaha !! 

If there's one thing I love about this whole month, it would be the freedom  that I'm getting from my parents. They allowed me to have a sleepover at my best friend's house. Normally, they wouldn't just let me because ... You know how parents usually think. I'm gonna have to beg them everytime a sleepover comes into the scene. But it's a lot different this time and I desperately hope that this system will go on hahaha !! 

Nothing's more random than getting a haircut just because I feel like it and it's the shortest that I've ever had! This is the first time that I actually love the way my hair turned out and that made everyone in the household freaked out about it. I didn't regret it too and that somehow made me feel "new". 

As you can see, my May wasn't very interesting enough to turn into an entry but I still like sharing my randomness here, just like my nails hahaha !

June is now up and it's coming to an end too !! This update is super duper late ! Hahaha !! But you know what they say, better late than never! 



  1. I think this haircut suits you! And your nails look awesome, like the night sky :-)

    { }

    1. You think so ? Thank you ! I've had my doubts at first but gladly my hair did fine :)


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