Post Summer Getaway!

Last June 12 my friends, Bill and Ate Kath headed to Nasugbu, Batangas to have our post summer getaway at Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa. We will be spending 3 days and 2 nights at the said place. I've never been out of the metro for decades and I've spent most of my life here in the city so going out of the most crowded place really made me feel excited!! 

I have motion sickness so I'm not good at long hours of traveling. TTUTT Oh the struggle of having it ! As much as I like to travel, I just can't enjoy it 

I know I've already introduced you my best friend, Bill in my previous posts. His mother (Tita) is the Resort Manager of the Canyon Cove Hotel so just imagine the perks of it ! :D 

Day 1:
Upon arriving, Tita hurriedly went to work while we stayed a little before exploring the beach outside.

This is the view from our room's terrace!

Sea and the clouds sharing the same hue ! <3
Going out, this is the first thing that you'll see, this huge pool.
And it's a few walks away from this! 
Much needed vitamin sea! I can't even remember the last time I went to a beach. The sand is very comforting and the sea is very calm. 

Walking by the seashore because I'm feeling so romantic lol ! 

My dear best friend/sponsor hahaha !

My new found travel buddies!! Third wheeling at its finest lol ! 

Bill is such a good photographer haha !! 

Strike a pose Bill !! Dali! Daliiii!

The only woman that time to walk by the beach fully clothed ! 

Can't open my eyes because of the sun xD

Went back to our room to have lunch. 

We changed to our swimming attires then finally hitting the pool and the beach ! I left my phone at our room because I just want to savor every minute of it. We first went to the beach! It was super fun !! I get to enjoy the sea after how many years, I almost forgot that it's salty hahaha !! It did feel like I'm experiencing it for the first time. Everything seemed new to me since I'm only used to swimming pools back in Manila. Bathing at the sea and thinking "ah so this is how the sea feels". 

Headed back to our room just in time for dinner. 
Tita told us that she already ordered food for us so we went at their restaurant.

The weather became cloudy and it rained at night. I stayed at the lobby after dinner to have internet access since I don't have a pocket wifi with me then headed to bed early because I felt so drained. 

Day 2:
The second day, I was awakened by Tita's voice saying, "Magsigising na kayo hoy! Ang sarap mag Kayak"!! It was really a sunny day! 

The sea is like 10% bluer than yesterday. 

Breakfast before anything else!

Tita dropped by to join us :))

Then Bill played piano for us :) can you please stop being so talented? 

Swimming time !! We planned on trying every activity that day like Kayaking, Banana Boat and Snorkeling. 

All set for Kayaking!!

Seems like the weather had a sudden change of heart. Sadly, we didn't get to enjoy it because it suddenly rained, the lighting was scary and the wind was too strong! :c I can't even row away from the shore because the waves were so aggressive, it went to the point where they all asked the guest to get out of the waters to avoid accidents. TTUTT how about my banana boat? Jets skiing? And snorkeling? 

Even after going back to the hotel, the rain continued to pour ! It was around 4 pm when it stopped. We went to "bayan" to tour a little because we didn't feel like going back to the sea anymore. We had pizza as our meryenda!! I realize that being in a different place gives you different experiences. It's quite an amazing feeling being in a city where people don't know who you are. I want to experience that more. 

This is what surprised me while walking back to the hotel. Those cotton like clouds and the orange sky = perfection! Sunsets are wonderful creations.

The three of us creeping at the lobby for some internet access!! There are tons of korean nationals in this hotel so my kpop heart is thumping everywhere hahaha ! I actually got used to their presence without fangirling too much lol ! One of them played the piano too !! Such a good pianist, she played a lot of popular pop songs and even some of Yiruma piece. 

Then again, Tita asked us to meet her at the restaurant for dinner. 
Food so good as always!
After dinner, we went back to the room to have a goodnight sleep.

Day 3:
Last day, we're going back to Manila na! I still want to enjoy it but I got some important issues to attend at home TTuTT 

And this will be our last breakfast together.

 Bye delicious food!! 

Even during a busy day at work, Tita bothered to dropped us off at the bus station. ;___; she's so nice huhuhu ! 
I will never forget this post summer getaway!! 

I personally want to thank Tita for being so kind and generous to us. Being with her for two days, I got to know some of her works and it's no joke handling the whole resort! I salute her for being so brave and professional. Then there's my best best friend, Bill who invited me to come with him and of course my dear friend, Ate Kat who is super fun to be with! You guys have no idea how happy I am. I found my travel buddies in you. Looking forward on more travel and creating memories with you two! 



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