June 2016

I can't believe we're over the first half of 2016 !! Time flies so damn fast. 

Last June 23rd, I celebrated one of my family's most important occasions, my Mom and Dad's 25th wedding anniversary !  It's a milestone in their relationship. I'm so lucky to have two people who never get tired of each other's company, I don't think I can reach that. Been with a guy for five months and I'm already annoyed lol. Kidding, I'm just so happy I get to see them living together after all the ups and downs, no separations, no major fights just minor cat fights perhaps yeah, it happens. Those two are so different from each other and I think that's what made them unique. My mom is very outgoing and has a lot of amiga/zumba buddies lol while my dad is a quiet man, he talks from time to time but he never opens himself to anyone. In short, they both complete each other's void. :) 
 No fancy dinner out, No major celebration. No visitors. Just these two love birds. ♥
Look at my Dad, he rarely smiles for photos but he did here! T^T I will be forever grateful to the both of you. I can never make it without your help. Love you both to my core ! ♥
 Most of our handa were takeouts coz we started a bit late. :(

Also, here goes Father's Day! 

One cake per celebration, and I picked chocolate!

Random payday resulted into this! 

 My pakgirl Edz introduced me in this Candy Mix and now we're both addicted #WaldasPaMore
 Too good for my soul!!
Hello babies~

Highlight of my June ?
 Me getting lost at BGC, labas labas din kase 'te! That one time I'm supposed to attend a meeting, I never actually made it, coz I was damn wondering for 4 effin hours just looking for that stupid building. T^T My poor navigation skills tested and proven that day, Tanga talaga hahaha! I took a cab twice, LRT, MRT, name it, I rode all of them at that day.
 So given the fact that I was lost and I'm damn late for my meeting, I started touring and taking photos para di naman ako magmukhang tangang naliligaw. :))) but I was really pissed at myself that time :)))) but I just kept on smiling :)))
 Where na me ?
 It was hot and my makeup melted, I looked like a clown with my mascara all over my face.
WORST. DAY. EVER. de joke tanga lang talaga me.

 And what can I say ? June is also the start of rainy season :( but why is still so hot? 

On the other note,
If there's one thing that I came to like, it's having lunch alone. I just think that it's very adult thing to do. Eating all by yourself, ignoring the glances you receive from other people. Mainly enjoying your lunch. It's one of the things that I have no guts to do but look at me now, casually eating my meal. I progressed!

June Haul, since I think I bought some unnecessary things. 
New makeup to hide my broken heart  acne and pimples lol
 These are all bargain, would you believe that ? :D
Impulsive buys T^T to be honest, I really need help in managing my money, I'm always a one day billionaire kind of girl and it's effin sad that I have no control over it. 

Gurrrrrl! I had the time to watch another Oscar nominated movie, "Brooklyn". 
I fell in love with this movie, The settings is perfect, you know how much I love modern romantic movies set in the 50's-90's. Also, Saoirse has come a long way since "Lovely Bones", such a great actress too bad she didn't win the Best Actress, but never mind, she still slayed her role! Brooklyn is in NY and New York is one of my fave country to visit huhuhu T^T I just wish I can step on US land someday :( that would be my ultimate dream!! anyhow, Does any of you guys know other movies that is similar to this ?? Please do recommend. :)

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is a unique movie, it was confusing at first but the movie ended smoothly. I also got to see Kate Winslet new side, she rocks every hair dye I swear! It was saddening yet exciting. I just wish we have that kind of service here where a bunch of medical team will take a piece of your memory that you badly want to forget. Is there a place like that ? SIGN ME UP SON!! I have tons here!!

JUNE is over here comes JULY, please be amazing and less stressful! 



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