April 2017

As for April, lezz start with me and my unimpressive cooking skills. 
I tried making Sticky Asian Fried Chicken Wings that I found on the Recipe App that I downloaded on my phone. It surprisingly turned out good, my brother even thought I bought it ! ;___;

so don't talk to me.
I'm a cook.
Doesn't look appealing hahaha but trust me don't judge the book by its cover applies on this one.

Jinzai is here to give us the most authentic takoyaki in town !
I'm coming back for Baby Tako and aint no care about my seafood allergy T^T

On the second week of April, while doing groceries I found a blue colored hair spray, and if you're thinking the same thing, yes I impulsively bought it lolol
From blonde, it turned out like this, I finished a bottle all in one go without covering the rest of ma hur. But it did made an impact to me hahaha I wanna go blue. For a change.

And so I did, Bryan helped me dye my hair to blue and I loved it!
On holy week( the very next day), he tagged me along with the rest of his fam and relatives to their rest house at Bataan.  

 Got to meet and bond with them ♥ I can't thank you guys enough !

This also marks Bryan and I's first trip out of town. YAY!
Here's me waiting for the bus on the highway.

oh and we went into this 30 minute drive resort and swam the f. Little did I know that that would trigger my new colored hair. The chlorine :( my poor hair, the color blue faded and now it looks like a rainbow huhu T^T

 Not only it faded, the ends of my hair was so dry as well, I decided to chopped it off. I like my haircut ♥ I've tried Apple Cut a couple of times and there's something about it that makes me want to maintain and just not let my hair grow anymore. Even most of the times I look like Dora. A fat one. 

Don't have an addition to my matcha hunt but found some good ass drink on a Chinese Convenient Store ! ♥

Kawaii find!!! 

Have you guys watched "My Ex and Whys"?
It's soo good ! 
Some of the scenes are shot in Korea too ! 
I can somehow relate to Liza's character in the film, I used to be bitter about love and there's no denying that it's still in my blood ;__; I'm the friend who will whisper in your ear ng "walang forever", when I see an overly in love couple on the mall. yep. I know it's not good hating on two individuals just because of being together. Another point, I love how the film makers made her a blogger in the movie :) coz blogging is love hahaha! 
Oh and I know Liza's unforgettable lines is iconic.
With her "Pangit ba ako"?, "Kapalit palit ba ako"? lines.
Di ko kaya yan itanong mamshie dahil for sure once na tinanong ko yan, sasabihin ng bufra ko "oo". xD

On a serious note, 
I loved the movie ♥ It talks about forgiveness and acceptance of one's mistake. 
I guess "love is sweeter the second time around" really works on some people. 

I binge-watched "Stranger Things" on my day off. 
Saw this on Netflix and added it on my list. I gave it a go when one of my facebook friend told me that it's a good one :) 
I'm not for Horror and Thriller but this is outstanding !
Jumpscares from time to time, kinda had a heart attack in the process as well xD but all is good peeps.

The story revolves around the parallel universe and the monster living in it. Give it a try guys. :))

May is now up, and I'm also disappointed that I only managed to publish a single entry throughout April. I swear I have some drafts but got no time to publish one of them to make up for it. :'( for that I'm sorry.
You guys probably don't like a blogger who seldom updates her blog.T^T
Hang in there mamshies!

PS: Thank you for reading up until this point ♥



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