Staycation at Azure Urban Residences Beach Club

Bryan and I booked an overnight stay at Azure Paris Beach Resort just because we both need to have a quick escape from everything for a while. I've been eyeing this one ever since it's opened to public and I see a lot of sponsored posts about it so we decided to gave it a try. 

Days before I checked their page and was disappointed with the amount of negative feedbacks. Starting from the arrogant guards and unhelpful staffs to checking in problems, I prepared myself to experience those. 

But that didn't stopped us from being all hype !

... and off we go. 

Upon arriving at the gate, we presented the guest advise form that they asked us to print the day before our booking date. Got no issues and we got in.
Check in time is 12 nn, but we arrived a little late. Worried about our booking getting cancelled lol the receptionist, checked us in. We presented our valid I.D.s in exchange for our Visitor's Pass. (which should always be in one's possession when leaving the unit) Our contact person, Ms. Stephanie arrived shortly and escorted us to our unit. She's so friendly, and accommodating! 
She explained a couple of things to us before leaving. 

The room is clean and it has everything you need!
From wifi (which has a really fast connection!) to kitchenware!
Perfect for staycations talaga :)

awwed at the black and white theme interior of the room. 

There's also a balcony near the bedroom ♥

Selfieeeeeee !

and lazying around the room started!
We decided to have lunch first before going out to swim.
So here I am watching TV while Bryan do the cooking xD

Hint: NSFW lol
Koya matagal pa ba koya?

Get you a man who can cook ! :D ♥

And after a couple of minutes of fangirling over my man's mad cooking skills and giving annoying surprise hugs from behind, lunch is ready. 
 Itadakimasu! (-A-)

Waited for the sun to calmed down a bit before hitting the pool.
Note: Bring your change clothes when going to the swimming pool . They don't allow guests to return to the unit dripping wet. Also, don't leave the unit wearing swimsuit already. Ms. Stephanie explained it to us. At least prepare a bag with your swimsuit/change clothes and other necessities like your visitor's pass which is a requirement for the pool registration. They have a locker in the shower room where you can leave your things. Basing on the negative feedbacks, I think it's the people's fault for not understanding the simple house rules. 

aaaaaaand we're here!

Swimming attire is a must peeps! 

so the annoying couple on the resort started taking pics lolol xD

Imagine all the bilbil hiding on that rock lolol 

 Personally, this is my first time wearing a cleavage-baring swimsuit out in a public, but heck I couldn't care less now. 

I was so embarrassed at first. I thought everyone might laugh or look at me with an uncomfortable glance but I got through pass it. I feel confident with my body ain't nobody should make me feel bad about it. Right? Right ? :))

Going back, they have two swimming pools, one for the kids and one with wave pool. It has schedules though but luckily we got to experienced it first hand!
Guess who almost died three times throughout lol so effin glad I have a swimmer boyfriend, so everything's under control with my merman right here xD

When you're out on a swim with your swimmer boyfriend, every trip ends up like a swimming lessons (which is hella fun)!

This is the wrist band they will give you upon registering to the swimming pool area. But since we're the annoying couple, we show off our wrist bands with our hands clasping together like it was glued with mighty bond or something

The kiddie pool. Where are the kids at ? xD
So thankful it's not overcrowded when we stay there. 

Went back just in time for dinner.

Cooked Korean Noodle, Chajjangmyeon while waiting for the food delivery.
Stayed and ate it on the balcony-on the floor
The night was quiet, all we can hear is the slurping sounds every time we take a spoonful of the noodles lol Can't I be serious for a second.?
Wait eto na.
Actually, nothing much we just talked about random crazy stuff.
 I just love everything about this photo.
Definitely one for the books. ♥

After some more minutes, 
our delivery arrived and we transformed into our lazy asses real quick.

Yep, food to end a great night !

The next morning, 
I was awaken with a breakfast in bed!
What more could I ask for ?T^T

He later on lead me to the dining table. 
Can I have him do this everyday? 
Pahingi ako mga sampung clone nya please. 
Bryan sure knows how to tickle my heart strings.
He even set up a romantic jazz music in the back ground. 
such a softy my hearteuuuuu can't take it.

I took a bath and prepared my things. Checkout time is 10am and we're more than ready to go at 9:30. Booked a grab car on the way home. 

Our stay was good :) 
Thank you Ms. Stephanie for being accommodating throughout. It was a smooth transaction and I'd love another booking with you guys! 

To my man,
This is just the beginning of our journey together. 
I'm more than excited to have more staycations, and travels with you. 
It's fun getting to know more sides of you. >///////<
I don't want na. I'm shy na.

 Love you boo.

And to everyone who have read it until this point, 
hope you're not mad or bitter with all the couple-y things you saw up there.
I'm just happy okayyyy?:)) 
And I hope you all are too!

Thank youuu guys until next entry ! ♥



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