May 2017

Hi guys ! You're back with me, Grace.

For those of you who are new to my blog, welcome !♥
I write about my daily life, adventures and even misadventures and other random stuff that I simply want to talk about.
And as you can see, this page looks dull and unorganized coz I manage everything by my sole self and I made this out of the purpose of sharing my thoughts into the internet world. I don't really know how to tweak settings, I just do what I can to make this somehow appealing to my readers (if there are any). 
but hey hey hey, I'm here- still here so can we start now ? :D

May- Aside from the summer vacay, it is also known for mother's day.
And to tell you guys, this is the very first time we're having that occasion  without my mother who's probably right here with me right now while I type this in her room. Days before it, I was getting all these emotional feelings :( There was one time where I just sat there listening to the songs she used to sing and cried my eyes out. I know she can hear me. I know she's out there that night. 

I'm not the fondest on this occasion but you still deserve all the best mom. So to my mom in heaven, I love you. 
And  I promise you one day, we will celebrate it with smiles on our faces and acceptance in our hearts. 

But for now, we're happy to see you. ♥ Hope you're doing fine out there! 

To lighten up the mood, lemme tell you what I've been doing for the past month: I pretended to be on a diet lolol 
I started exercising and use an application as a guide to fitness.
Also, included fruits and lemonade on my diet. It's soooo hard T^T thought I was gonna die. 
and some told me I lose some weight but I mean nahhh. 
I still look like I'm bloated af huhuhu.
Guess I have to keep eating greens and do more exercise. 

May as I've said is a month for everyone to have their summer vacay. 
I had my unang-hirit-sa-tag-init with my man last May 5 which I made a post already. click here.

and on the third week of May, my coworkers and I had our own store outing!
It was so much fun being with them even though we were all tired from work coz we headed there after our duties. 

Chose DJ Paradise Resort at Bulacan because it's one of the few resorts that accepts night swimming until 5 am. Reached the resort around 11 pm and had our dinner-boodle fight style! This one is definitely for the books. 

Never thought spending time with your co workers could be this fun!
Thank you everyone for your efforts to push this through especially to our boss, Boss Joseph for taking in charge and for initiating this event. 

I feel super bloated with all the air I got from laughing! :D so glad to see new sides of everyone and to get to know them more outside work.
PS: this is the only photo I got :( I didn't take much photos as I want to immerse myself more on the experience. ^__^

The last outing was with my company for their 
25th year celebration but I'll make a separate post about it so keep posted guyss!

Me along with my fam attended my nephew's first birthday.
Basically, it was held at Jollibee but since it's gonna be more about the kids. 
Tita Gemma cooked for the adults some real dish ! ♥
Always a feast !

and later on proceeded with the party.
My dad and my man participated in a game and I was laughing out loud throughout!!! but in all honesty, I'm happy to see dad smiling and enjoying it.
That's all I want him to be anyway.

Nothing much interesting happen last month.
But I'll blog some more this June and that's one thing for sure :D 
And I'm so excited to tell you about it guys. 

Thank you for reading my monthly entry for May ♥

Til my next blog post. I'll be updated starting today, yes I can confidently say it na! :'')

Labyu mamshies.



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