Villman Computer Systems Inc. @ 25

I know most of you don't know what kind of work I'm in, (aside from the dirty works ssshhh lol) and for the first time ever, I'm gonna share it to you guys. :)

I'm currently working as a service coordinator or known as RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization/Authorizer) at Villman Computer Systems Inc.
Being only a year in service, I'm overwhelmed to be part of its 25th year celebration. 

In regards to that, Villman held its own celebration located at Villa Riza Resort, Nueva Ecija (which is also owned by one of the executives), last May 25, 2017.

so without further ado, lets's start!

Call time at our head office was 5am. 
I sat down on the bus with my bestest of the best girl friend, Edz. 
It was my first time in Nueva Ecija and my oh my sure the travel period was no joke. We got there around 9 am where the managers were waiting. 

Our store manager/ our boss welcomed us in his room and we roamed around the resort. They provided us free snacks for breakfast and were told to put on our Villman customized shirt for the video shoot. It was a bright sunny day!

Villman Family !!
 and while waiting for the cue, I asked Edz to take photos of me because I'm feeling cute that day. So in short, maumay kayo.
 and yes naka medyas lang ako nyan xD
 Wala akong ganda, wala akong talent pero may pata ako. Tapos. 
#shameless but who kers?

we then proceeded to the shoot. 

 Napaka init. Ang crispy ko na nyan sa tataa lang >////<

After the shoot, swimming time !!
everyone changed into their swimming attires.


Didn't swim that much, just waited for the lunch buffet so I can eat coz I'm staaaaarving #pataygutom 

While my Kuya's had their own drinking sesh outside the unit, the girls stayed with me inside the room while we wait and prepare for the night party.

As the night approaches, we were directed to the event area where the awarding ceremony will take place.

here's what welcomed me upon entering the hall.

 and if you've been reading my previous posts, you'll know how much love I have for matcha !!♥♥♥♥ I was internally screaming seeing these cutipies here! 
just no telling how many I ate hahaha

Everyone looked so beautiful in their floral dresses that night ♥
The program started with Mr. Boyet's (the CEO) opening remarks. 

Followed by the dinner buffet.

and I probably forget to tell you that I was part of a prod. Yes I danced the f! with my co branch staffs to JT's "Cant' Stop The Feeling". It was embarrassing to be the only girl in the group and positioned in the front. Nevertheless, I did my best trololol I don't want to disappoint my team hahahaha! I'm not one for stage performances and the last time I danced in front of the crowd was during my college days on our P.E. subject. Well anyways, it's gonna go down the history that a fat woman tried to dance at their program. But what will remain in my memory are the loud cheers I heard and the positive feedbacks I had received, I guess I did justice to my team somehow. I'm happy they enjoyed :'')

and now they won't stop teasing me na hahahahah pakshet

The highlight of the program was the awarding of the employees who rendered 15 years and above service to Villman. Talk about loyalty right there!

but what made me overjoyed was the awarding of our branch as the top branch with consecutive high sales for years!!!
I knew all this time. I knew it! My boss is the best manager everyone can ever have and I'm glad I have the opportunity to work with him. :)
He is a leader, he doesn't look down on you hence will help you out. 
He is humble and someone you can have a laugh with.
He is hands on with clients and knows how to have fun.
He is like a second father to everyone. 
He is simply the best

This might turn into a book if I go on how awesome he is.
But let me say this, I wouldn't be here working for Villman for a year if my manager isn't as cool as he is.
Good manager creates good employee.
 Congratulations Boss! You deserve all the recognition!! 

Everything is just magical that night. ☺

watch the video here!
Video by: Heart Works Digital Photography

and to my Villman family,
Thank you for the never ending learnings and laughs!
I'm happy I became a part of this family.
We will continue on getting better and better each day.
Through countless stress and despite the strenuous work we do, we'll still be lit.

Much love ♥



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