June 2017

Hey Hey Hey! it's me again Grace, 
and look at me shamelessly blogging my first entry for July. Super duper late I know hahahaha and I'm sorry!

So eto na nga, medyo naging busy lang ang lola mo last June coz of the numerous occasions.

Starting with Father's Day. :)
Hi Dad!! ♥
Family Dinner out.

 A family that eats together, gets fat together hahahaha! 

It's also Mom and Dad's 26th Wedding Anniversary. 
They used to be happy like this, this photo was taken just a year ago on the same occasion, on their 25th. I wish Mama can see it today
coz I'd trade anything in the world to see that smile again. :(
They are the best parents that I could ever have even though we only got Dad left with us, I know she's somewhere over there in the heaven, celebrating with us.
I love you both Mama and Papa ♥

Now let's move on before I start crying buckets again. 

So as you know guys,
I'm not really into food.

 like I'm on a strict diet (PS: Matcha Hunt Series Addition)

 I only stuff myself with healthy stuff #goinggreen

and I hate Sisg to death (note the sarcasm, btw thank you KKK for a wonderful dinner date experience, may pakandila pa sila akala ko may vigil kems!)

and I chose wheat bread from these trash right here..

A new segment: How to Instagram 101 Lesson!

 since I'm not the instagrammable type of person 
These are the poses that I came up with.

1.)The usisera side view pose.

2.)The ako ang dati mong kuya poker face pose.

3.)The ang ganda ng shandelurrr pose.
too many non-sense na hahahaha auq na

I had a rare opportunity to meet my college friends again!Yay! :D
and you know how it always ends- Shots!

I realized two things that night:
1.) Give me 4 bottles of beer and I become this brave woman who shamelessly jammed with the band during one of their sets. 
2.) #Adulting

and before I forgot, I promised on my last post that you'd see me blog more often but kept it a secret hahaha so now the grand reveal is here!
I bought my own laptop na guys ! ;__-;
YESSS ! I can publish more entry na since my laptop will always be with me.
and I just can't express my happiness ! This is my second investment to myself after my phone xD #littlethings and I feel accomplished too! ♥♥♥

And in my movie department, 
my man and I watched "The Space Between Us".
It's about a teenage love story of a Martian and a woman from Earth. 
and idk how it made me cry but it just did. I'm not gonna spoil you or anything so you better watch it ! :D But I got a new crush on Asa Butterfield. He seriously reminds me of someone hahahaha! just no telling :p

and one more thing, 

I was thinking should I post an entry every other day? 
Hmmmmm.. In that way, I can regulate my schedule but I'm afraid I might ran out of topics to tackle lolol. 
Just a thought lang naman. Still unsure if I wanna give it a go since I'm inactive most of the time. Bahala na mamshieess.

Til here, 

Thank you for reading. :) ♥



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