Future Letter to the 30 Year Old Me

Letter to a 30 year old me,

First and foremost, I badly wanna ask you this question. Did you finally had the guts to decide on whether you're gonna remain single or enter a relationship/marry? If you already have a partner then good for you. Are you going along with him ? Does he treat you right? Or are you guys even married ? Did you get the kind of wedding you've been dreaming of? Or did you get married because a baby is just a months away ? I wanna ask you these questions because your past wasn't a good one to remember. It left you scarred and at some point stopped you from loving anyone.

Do you have a child now ? How many of them? What's your oldest and youngest? What are their names ? Are you raising them to be a good role model? How are you guys as a family? I'm asking you these questions because the 21 year old me had a great and loving family.

How's the work? Did you get that dream job you're going for? Can you support yourself or your family with that money ? Is it a stable one ? Or did you spend your 20's being hooked on that job that you've forgotten to take care of yourself and remained single? I'm asking you these questions because the 21 year old me is writing this letter down, is currently on a job hunt.

Were you able to travel somewhere (japan specifically) like what you've always dreamed of ? With whom and how ? Were you able to visit the countries that you had only seen in the magazines or in the travel related channels ? How was it ? Was it what you had on your mind ? Do you feel accomplished ? Did you cry out of joy ? What were your thoughts ? I wanna ask you this questions because the 21 year old me is dying to go somewhere far, far away.

Did you decide to stay single for life ? If so, in your 30's, do you think you can really go on without a partner ? Do you regret being alone ? Have you thought of going back in time to give those people the chances that they deserve? Are you having doubts now ? Do you think it's too late? Did you think it's the best decision you've ever made? Did you give a chance to the one that got away ? I wanna ask you these questions because the 21 year old me is planning to choose that path. Whatever your decision was, I hope you're happy and content with what you chose.

21 year old Grace



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