Iloilo Part 1

                               Hello guys ! It's been like a week since I got back from Iloilo. I never thought I would enjoy the whole 2 weeks away from the city of Manila. For some personal reasons, we had to go there as soon as possible, and also took this opportunity to go around my mother's hometown. 

                                Yes Iloilo is where my mom was born, she literally spent her whole childhood-teenage years before taking a risk of going to Manila. So yeah I'm an ilongga. :) lol just a little trivia haha! Anyway....

   *Fast forward to the day of our trip.*

                               It was my first time boarding on an airplane. I was probably the most excited one out of my family. So here it goes !! ㅠuㅠ

                              My mom took the ferry and went ahead of us, so I was with my Tita Min, Tito Nonong and my sister. Our flight got delayed, we boarded around 5 pm but it's more than okay because this pantone colored sky was enough to take away all the time we had spent waiting. 

                 The sunset is such a breathtaking view up close. 

                               Reached Iloilo around 7 pm then another hour of driving to get to Bita-og, where my mom and the rest of my Iloilo relatives were waiting for us. It was overwhelming. I'm finally back after 2 decades!!!! Yes you heard it right. When I was still a baby, my mom took me here for a vacation. I don't remember any memories but my mom used to tell happy and funny stories about my stay and that one time "na inaswang daw ako", that is the reason why I'm scared of going back, I grew up hearing that story being passed on, my relatives too used to talk about it. Be it true or not, it was already a part of my memory that I can't just erase. I figured out that I should set aside my awful memory and focus on the present. (Siguro naman wala ng aswang dito). Back to the my story: Everyone seems surprised how grown up me and sister were. Even though I don't really recall them, and most of the time I was like: 

                                 I just "mano" to whoever my mom tells me to hahaha ! The introduction was really an awkward one. I was just smiling throughout. Some of them hugged and talked to me. I really appreciate those people who came up to me and shared their memories/experiences with me when I was still living here. Though I couldn't remember it all now. It was still a sweet gesture to remind me of my childhood. 

                               The very next day, I was awakened by the sound of the chickens -_- the people here really wakes up too early. Nakaka culture shock lang. I'm used to waking up at noon hahaha ! 

                          This is the view I wake up to every day. Fresh air, blue skies, and tall trees/forests. 
                                     The morning breeze of the province life is really relaxing. 

                                Breathing the freshest of air y'all hahahaha! The simplest way of living can be found here. I realized how happy the people here despite not having the most lavish houses or the newest gadgets. Hungry? climb a tree for a fresh picked fruit. Vegetables? Grab some at your yard. Plus the unlimited beautiful views of nature and the sky surrounds you. Life here is nothing near the life in Manila. Rural life can be hard for a manila grown girl like me but if you get the hang of it, you'll be surprised by how amazing it is to live here. 

                                     My Tita Mors, had the cutest set of flowers in her garden.

                              The next day, The whole family walked all the way to visit my late lolo's house. It was an emotional moment for everyone. 
                              This is also the place where I used to live in 2 decades ago. They were telling stories while looking at this almost ruined house, according to them, this used to be a huge household with 2 rooms. But as time goes by, this was the only room left. They told me that in that mango tree beside the house is where I celebrated ny first birthday. I was quite sentimental upon hearing it. I didn't know all about it. No wonder I don't have a single photo of my first birthday. My Tita also told me that I had a great birthday celebration with the people here. It was heartwarming knowing all about it. I feel like I already have a deep connection with this place. 

                         On the way home, we passed by this tree and I thought it was cute so I took a photo of it.

                                              A sunset created a flare, a nice way to end my night. 

                                 One normal day, me and my cousin, Ate Marie went to Zarraga (bayan) to tour a little and also to satisfy the manila girl in us. My mom and my tita were worried about us leaving without them, but since we're up for some adventures we headed on our way. Basically it's just a one tricycle ride away though the streets can be quite confusing. No Mcdonalds, no Jollibee, no fast food. The closest we found was 7-11 huhubels! The language barrier can sometimes be a problem. I don't understand and speak ilonggo (karay-a) maybe the basics but not that much. Maybe that's why my mom is hesitant to let us go. Hahaha ! We actually got intimidating looks from the cashier, guard and their supervisor at the 7-11 when we spoke tagalog to the cashier when we bought our food. ㅠ_ㅠ it was awkward eating while they're looking and probably talking about you. But anyways, no biggie we had fun going around. We also went to Zarraga market to buy some snacks. Then dropped by this local eatery and try their Halo-halo. The people there were more welcoming and entertaining! Compared to those who were in 7-11 ㅠuㅠ it was adventurous indeed, we managed to get home by ourselves despite some language barriers and without a local's help. :) and that somehow made me feel brave. 

                                 My fave cow showed up ! It was amazing getting to see a cow this close ! I mean you don't get to see them everyday in Manila right ? There was one time where he's outside of our house looking for a water :) he is such a cutiieee that I want to keep him to myself hahahaha ! 

                               As you can see I'm trying to squeeze everything in this entry but I've decided to chop some of them and do another posts for it. 

                                My entertaining Uncle ever, Tito Budoy toured us around the fields. One of my fave part from this trip. 

                                    This cow is my fave cow's buddy! I get to pet him too!

                                 This used to be a lake, (my lil bro told he swims here often when he visited last 2010) but due to El Niño this lake turned into this dried piece of land. 

                                Can you see those white dots ? Those are birds that fly by group! Didn't get too close, we didn't want to disturb them. :)

                                                       Hint: I took this home xD

                       Stumbled upon this old fallen tree. Tito told me someone used to live here some time ago. 

                                Those spikey veins is believed to be an anti-aswang. They said that if you have it in your house, the aswang will not come after you. 

      Walking home.

                              Tito Budoy knows how to make a conversation go on. I learned a lot about the life here just by talking to him. :) 

                                              Another Tita of mine invited us to her house. 

                                                       Di pala house, mansion pala! Hahaha ! 

                               My first time to eat "pantat" or eel (also probably the last time hihihi xD) 
                                They have like 5 different breeds of dogs but this one is my fave! 

                                He's taller than me when he stands up *cries a river* but this giant baby is so malambing he closes his eyes whenever I pet him. So kawaiiii ! 

                               My Tita and cousins who were so hospitable, thank you for having us. :)) 

                                We reached the end of part 1 :) I still have some left to work on. I hope you guys enjoyed it. This whole Iloilo trip is a special one for me and I'm happy to share my stories with you guys. I tried to make it short but I ended up talking more hahaha ! Did you read it until the end ? Kapag hindi aaswangin ka hahaha ! See you on part two ! 





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