Iloilo Part 2: Dumangas Coast

Here is my second part from my Iloilo trip. Took me a while to draft this coz I got hooked watching some movies from my computer! Anyhow, I missed having early mornings in the province, I got used to waking up around 6 or 7 am. Would you believe that ? hahaha ! If I can't be found in the house you would probably see me in the tiny house outside home where you can rest peacefully and quietly, and where you can get the nicest view of the green fields and the adorable cows TTuTT

Here's a photo of my cup that I bought during my stay there and took it home with me as a remembrance. :) This is one of the days where I just admire the view while drinking coffee. Also one of my fave things to do here, where my mind is clear and I don't have to think of the problems for a while.
 We're going to Dumangas Coast today!

Hopped in the car and we're good to go!
This view <3

 Drove all the way to Dumangas just to have lunch hahahaha ! My Uncle told me that this local eatery is the best one out there!
 You can smell the sea across the road and the sea breeze is very calming.
 mouth watering ;_______; We had inihaw na bangus, buttered shrimp (the death of me T^T), sliced porkchops and talaba.  
 My first time ever to eat talaba, it tastes just like the sea -___- well I enjoyed it naman haha !
 After eating we went out and just admired the breathtakingly beautiful view.
 Here's my cousin and my sister (who's been forcing me to pass this photo because of her dress flowing around -_-  she said it looked like tinkerbell wth)
Along the seaside, this was the only tree we found. I was left in awe seeing this amazing creation.
I simply fell in love with this shot.
The next day, my aunt took me out for grocery shopping and we dropped by this mini fast food called Mama Lobelle's where I had the taste of Lasagna for only 60 pesos!! Sooo delicious ! T^T

then had this Bluberry Cheesecake, this little slice could amount to a hundred in Manila but we bought it for only 40 pesos ! Such a good price for a delicious dessert. One of the things that surprised me during my stay was the cheapness of the goods. You can buy everything for a cheaper price! 

I will start to work on the third and the last part of my Iloilo trip later tonight.
Keep posted guys! It's the most exciting one :)



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