Iloilo Part 3: Damires Hills + Suhot Spring

Would you believe that? We've reached the third and last part of my Iloilo trip. This is the most exciting and adventure filled one out of all so expect one heck of a lengthy post ! So shall we start ?
First destination: Damires Hills located at Brgy. Damires, Janiuay Iloilo.
 It's a resort where you can also experience nature getaway adventures.
 Reception Area, we paid 100/head a lot cheaper since we're only doing a day tour.

 We wandered around the area and of course photo sesh !

 Green green grass of home ♥
 My pretty Tita killing it with the shades!
 Mom and Tita :)
Adventure started here. My fam decided to try the hanging bridge lol I don't know how to feel about that ;____; We hiked the mountain to get into the hanging bridge.

I was always behind because ano pa nga ba ? maiksi ang biyas eh TTuTT
The trail seemed endless kapagod kaya ! I think nabawasan ako ng 10kg paakyat lang! hahahaha !

 Seeing this and I'm like NOPE. NOPE. NOPE.
I KNOW THIS WILL THE DEATH OF ME. ;____; but huhu no choice coz' I don't wanna go back and be a kill joy to everyone.
 Bish you can barely see the end -____-
This photo was taken at the starting point of the bridge where everyone is still on their minds, including me !

And I don't even want to remember what happened. If you're wondering why, yes I have an acrophobia. I get scared even riding a ferries wheel. T^T I was literally bawling my eyes out while walking across it and even called for help wtf. It was just so effin high ! I was in the same height with the trees, so imagine how many feet I was above the ground, it's also slippery since it's just rained.
It seems endless too! I think we really did got across from one mountain to another.

I cried upon reaching the end -__- it was embarrassing but srsly I thought I was gonna die up there TTuTT
 Surely, everyone made fun of me, just look at my mom's face -_- mom atleast I'm alive !
I feel accomplished that I got across without fainting or anything. It was somehow and achievement yet something that I will never ever try again. Nevertheless, it was fun and also my first time to walked across a hanging bridge though I don't think I'm gonna be up for a second time.

Foggy !
 You can clearly see the infinity pool from up there!

 We got down and strolled some more.

 Redeemed myself already ! hahaha !
Before we went to our next and last destination, we dropped by their souvenir shop and bought some pasalubong too !

Second Destination: Suhot Spring located at Dumalag, Capiz

It was a long drive ! since it's a 4x4 Isuzu, and there were many of us, four of us hopped at the back of the car outside hahaha! We travelled for almost 2 hours to get there. I can't believe that we did reached Capiz ! I really enjoyed looking at the view, even though I was soaked because of the rain and the strong wind. Joy ride was fun :) I got to see the beauty of the nature up close plus the high mountains around you. We stopped by a local karinderia to have lunch before heading to our actual location.

The entrance fee is waaaaay cheaper than Damires Hills, we got in for only Php10.00 per head !
You can swim into their spring waters from the mountains. But that is not our main agenda. We went there because we're going to enter a cave !!

 That hole between the two trees is the cave entrance! The water is actually clear and it is said to be healing body pains.

We paid Php200.00 for the tour guide and we're good to go! He equipped us with flashlights and helmets too.

 The cave's entrance is a bit high so we did a little rock climbing to get there, I, on the other hand hugged the rocks just to climbed my way up xD we're just starting but daaaamn what more if we got inside ?

 Now that we all managed to get to the entrance, the tour starts now.
We saw a lot of different kinds of rock formations! they looked like skin pores just like above hahaha others looked like crystals or tear drop shaped. Wasn't able to take much photos because we're all struggling our way haha ! we gotta be careful on our every step it could be a mud, or a not so solid rock. I can hear the elders complaining about their body aches ! xD Their funny comments made us forget the hardships inside the cave.

  The most decent photo of us inside and the tour was also done so we crawled our way out :)

 Took a rest and shared some of our experiences most of them were funny ones ! Thank you Tito for this road trip :)
This was held the day before our flight. My first impression of Iloilo was the hard rural life but at the end of my stay, I realized how amazing the people here are. I've taken sooo many things in my life for granted and they made me realized how you can live your life without being so demanding in everything and just live it simply. It was surprisingly fun! Manila is nothing compared to the gems that they have here. Iloilo became a part of me that I'll never forget. Two weeks is not enough to see their beauty.
It's time to go home now. I feel excited about going back yet saddening that I'm gonna have to leave behind the people that made me experienced and learned a lot of things, and the people that I don't get to see everyday. It will take some time or maybe years before I can visit there again.
The next day, we boarded our flight to Manila. :(
 While everyone is busy doing things on their own, I read the magazine that features Kyoto ♥
 I bought home the pink "bukayo" that my Tita gave me. :)
 oh and I won this CebuPac pouch from their guess-the-song contest lol !
 Sisteret na model ng bintana !
 Manila here I come.
 Bright city lights :)
 Endorser ng BongBong's ! hahahaha!
Drive home. Finally in Manila. Till next time Iloilo.



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