Chinese New Year!

It's a well known fact that Chinese and Filipino have been coexisting for years, it's been like that since a million of centuries ago. It's also the reason why Chinese New Year is also celebrated here in my country. Even non-chinese people like me (who's only feeling intsik with only a 0.08 ratio of being chinese lolol).

Last January 27, my boyfriend and I went to Lucky Chinatown Mall at Binondo. Truthfully, we headed there coz of the countless food stalls they have prior to the CNY. Foodtrip lang talaga pinunta namin but we got excited seeing what's in store for us!

I already feel Chinese upon entering hahaha! 

 ugh so anime-like 

The we were here kind of photo xD

We also lined up to get our own talismans!

For Keeps ♥

Witnessed the lighting of the incense too!

and had fun throwing pennies at the Prosperity Tree, it is said to promote good fortune and an abundance of wealth. 

Finally reached our main purpose! I swear there were like 60 food stalls to choose from. 

We had Shabu Shabu Dumplings! It was soo good ! Approve♥

Now here's a funny/weird thing that I experienced. While we're at it, a lady came towards me and asked:
Ate : Magkano jan? (How much is that?)
Me:  Php130 po.
Ate: Masarap ba? (Is it good?)
Me: Hmm oo.
Ate: Pwede patikim? (Can I have a taste?)

Me: ......

Boyfriend: .......

Dumplings: .......

I don't know if she's serious so I gave her a wtf look hahahaha!
So upon receiving some awkward looks from both of us, she walked away. 
First of all, why would someone want to taste someone else's food? more so from a stranger like me lol. Well I guess she just really want to have a taste of it before buying para di naman masayang pera nya kung di nya bet. But I still wouldn't allow her to do so hihihi. 

But my boyfriend thought that she's just distracting me to pickpocket me. I was aware of that too but she was just too strange ugh. Either way sorry ate if I didn't allow you to taste of my food. Or if you really happen to be a pickpocketer, sorry wala ka din makukuha sakin, or if not, apologies for judging you beforehand. 

Onto the food, 
yes I enjoyed it!! ♥♥♥

and that one food stall where so many people piled up: including us.
Bubble Wraps!

We waited for an hour just to get this oh my god. 
I got mine in matcha flavored(left), while the other one is chocolate.
For only Php150, this is a cheap deal !
Plus, I'm just so so happy they have matcha flavors too! ;___; my baby matcha is really getting popular na!

Ely Bundia was there! Too bad we can't get to the front coz of the crowd!
but to hear him singing live and getting a glimpse of his back is enough lol hahahaha!

We rummaged against the crowd to get to the main entrance of the mall where we waited for the countdown. ♥ 

My first time waiting for the CNY at midnight. 

Everyone was so happy watching fireworks! It was so loud, I could feel my heart pounding as well!

It was so beautiful. I'm so coming to celebrate it again next year :))

Our first Chinese New Year together. Glad to have spend it with this lad. It couldn't get any better than this.

And again, here's a we-are-watching-fireworks selfie ♥
and my eyebrows be like "nuff" 

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

January is ending!!!! 
February what's up mate !?



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