Facebook Page Launch

Hey Guys!

Just a quick announcement!

So just this January 2017, I finally made a Facebook Page for my Blog!
And to tell you honestly guys, I've been thinking about this for a very long time now. Facebook is like a mini branch of my soul, I post everything I like, I've watched or even the songs I'm listening to giving my friends and everyone who can see my posts publicly a view of my life. So expanding my blog into the very same site that I share my life with is a bit challenging for me. Before, I tend to keep my blog a secret to everyone who knows me personally simply because I don't want them to know my inner thoughts and emotions so I used to share it  only on Twitter where majority of the people don't give a damn about me, then later on got the urge to post it on my Facebook feed which I've been doing up to this day everytime I published an entry. 

 First of all, I'm no genius in managing a page more so, admin of my own. Second, I don't know if I some people will actually like it or would want to see the things I share. After a couple of indecisive nights, I made up my mind and made my own page :))

So please guys support me on this !

Click the link and hit like!  The Blueberry Star

so up to this day, this is how it looks like:

Still need some major schooling about managing a page I know, and if you guys can give me some advice on how to improve it, that would be so cool ! *o*

I would really really appreciate it if you can help me boost my page T^T



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