How My July Went

This has been the most enjoyable and probably the saddest month for me. Enjoyable because I got engaged in many gatherings/celebrations and "gala".Let's take a trip down memory lane.

First, last July 20 was my sister's birthday, I thought we're not gonna celebrate it because she has a work. Little did we know, she left her workplace earlier and asked the whole fam to meet her at the Mall Of Asia to have a simple celebration. We met her around 9 pm I think and ate dinner at Giligans. The restaurant was jam-packed ! Good thing it didn't rain because it rained hard in the afternoon. It's actually mom's first time going to MOA and my first time to go there with the whole fam, we never really go out together because of our busy scheds. But here's my dear sister insisting haha!

 Here's our family picture ~ ♥


 I really don't know if my Tita really likes to take a picture of us or that ship above, still a nice photo though hahaha ! it just showed how bloated my face was from eating kidding ! I always have that bloated face even if I don't eat!  kkkkk~
with the birthday girl !

here's me getting wackified with my beloved Tita 

The night is getting darker so we decided to go home. I did had fun strolling around the sea side with my family and of course celebrating my sister's birthday together ! We actually reached home at 12 midnight, it's so late! to think that tomorrow will be Monday again hahaha ! but then it's still a one happy celebration :) all thanks to my sister for putting so much effort. 

After one week we went back there ! hahaha ! my family especially my mom became so fond of the place. It's a friday night out with them ! This will be my first time to have a "drinking session" with my family. It's amazing how they acknowledged my adulthood, yeah I mean I'm already 19 so I'm allowed to drink right ? but of course I'm not the 'hot mess' kind of girl !

but before starting we first tried out the MoA Eye !

I've been wanting to ride this ! It's the most colorful Ferris wheel I've ever seen. 

with my momma dear You may not know it but I'm acrophobic so even though I like what I saw up there, I was dead shaking the whole time that I can't even move a muscle ! but it still okay because I get to enjoy the breathtaking view of the night. It's perfect ! 

and the session has begun..

Meli joy the Great followed after her work ! 

To be honest, I was having a hard time that night. For some reason I'm torn between feeling sad and happy. 

Oh I almost forgot about the saddest part that happened during this month. Unfortunately, I had my heart broken. Well that kind of things happen and it's like I have choice or something so yeaaahhh...

Anywaysssssssss..... it has been a very very enjoyable July, it taught me so many lessons not just in life. I learned that you can still enjoy life and not let any negative things affect you. 



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