Mom's Birthday Celebration

August 15 was my mom's birthday! I had school that day so I did everything just to get home earlier. The gang also wanted to go visit her and even bought her a cake ! But going home during rush hour with a light down pour of rain wasn't as easy as it seems. But blessed this couple from Pampanga who gave us a free ride ! They're so kind and friendly. For the last time. I want to say thank you for saving the day !

So after attending mom's little celebration at home. My family and mom's amigas had a night out at MOA again ! It's past 10 o'clock yet everyone seems so lively. TGIF!

Upon arriving and while waiting for our table, we had a little picture taking with them at the seaside.

I sat with them in a while and of course had a taste of a good life, I mean good food before running away with my sister.
 With Le Cousin.
 With my youngest looking mom ! ♥

Mom with her amigasssss. 

Me and my sister thought that the atmosphere was just too old for us and the fact that we're the only teens at the table was making me feel a little awkward.

So me and my partner in crime found a quiet place to stay. Haha !

And had a little photosession.


Yep we're that obsessed with taking pictures.

Wait ! There's morreeeee ! 

Gomen ne for flooding this post with our faces ! 
We also talked about a lot of things, since I barely talk to her because of work. Hanging out with my sister is always the best ! 

We head back to their table after taking this much pictures and went home around 2 am ! Mom's extremely happy, you could see her smiles all over the place ! It's such an overwhelming feeling seeing your mom having fun with her friends because I know how stressed she is at work so bringing her outside is always a very good idea for her to relax. 



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