Eastwood Night Out

The gang wanted to try out the midnight-morning buffet at Somethin's Fishy located at Eastwood so we made plans of visiting there, little did we know, the deadline of the final draft of our Feasibility Study was scheduled on the same day. SeriousLeeeee ? >_< We haven't started doing Financial Study so we're cramming at the very last minute, but with the help of our class geniuses we we're able to finish it TTuTT and still went to Eastwood so late at night ! If it wasn't for the deadline we would be there way more early, but since things got out of hand, we arrived around 12 midnight and Aya wasn't able to tag along anymore. T^T

Call me ignorant, but it's my first time going there and was pretty amazed by the place! Everything looked so luxurious and elegant. Eastwood is a famous place for celebs but sadly, we weren't able to spot any of them. 

Entered the said restaurant we've been aiming for !
Let the photo spam beginsssss !

and finally the foooooood !!!
 Please be informed that the plate in my front isn't mine. I repeat: It's not mine. (defensive much?) 

Okay. Okay that's mine. Hahaha ! Got so excited upon seeing 40 dishes on display that I just went ahead and put too much on my plate  xD TAT  
 lol caught in the act ! was too busy eating, didn't know you guys took a picture !

The dessert that I poorly designed T^T Relied to the stickers to make it appear a little cuter ! xD

Got full already so after forcing myself to finish my first plate, the second plate that I had was my dessert. 

Dear Aya, see this waffle ? Please feel regretful for not coming with us hahaha ! 
^___^v wuvvv ya !

The lovebirds that introduced this paradise I mean this restaurant to us !

le selfies ! :DD

After stuffing ourselves, we rested our intestines a little and thank God that such buffet exists ! :D

of course, we took a commemorative photo before leaving !

Sadly, Alvin and John headed home after so it's only me, Bebi, Ynah, Laida and Jake who were left. Toured around Eastwood, looking for a bar to kill time ! It's already 3 am but the people were still up and lively ! the bars there were all full and you could hear the loud banging music from across the street. You can also meet a lot of people in any race.

Found my name in Walk of Fame ! They didn't notify me about this lol ! Just kidding xD 
Dreamy eh ?

Walked around and saw this kawaii doodles on Tokyo Bubble Tea!!
(Kawaii Alerttttt!)

 My Kawaii feels ~

and found this pink cupcake shop too! *Q*

Finally settled down to this bar called Bone and Barrel Bistro.
We almost had the second floor all to ourselves!!

 There's a loud music playing and a huge TV screen showing some Victoria Secret's Fashion show,
(my sistersss!) Our table was near at the balcony so we had a good view!

Some of those restaurants were already closed.
Anyway, I didn't drink a lot and I'm not in the mood to do so hahaha !

We basically looked for a place only to kill time. Took a cab and went home around 5 in the morning !

It was my very first night out ! I feel so adult na hahahaha! xD Anyway, we totally enjoyed it and we might as well go back there with the whole gang (hopefully) At least we're able to get away from the reality (by that I mean defense) and relaxed ourselves a bit ! Well it did ! :)) Thank you to my gang for the very amazing company as always ! ♥♥♥



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