Kanzhu + Family Gathering

Hello ! It's been a while haha ! I've been so busy with school matters that I wasn't able to spare some time for blogging TTuTT Gomen ne (-A-) Anyway, aside from school, there's another thing that kept my mouth me busy, it's a food. It's always been food. :)))))

This time we tried Kanzhu :D

Yay ! \(^__^)/

We've been eyeing this restaurant for quite some time and finally got to visit it.
Since we're a sucker for bargains, we tried their promo which was a Php99 deals. xD

 This salt and pepper squid was the bomb ! My faveee ~
 Who would've thought that all of these dishes come in a very affordable price ?

Look at all those satisfied faces ! :))

Notice the struggle to fit in the frame ? HAHAHA ! Well sorry for having a short neck !
Anyway, it's amazing and will probably drop by again ^__^

Family Gathering

Just this Sunday, my whole family went to Taguig for a celebration, it's my dad's birthday last Saturday and the wedding anniversary of my grandparents (from my father's side). We couldn't miss such an event ! It's actually a year since the last time we paid a visit. My dad can't travel that far because of health problems and they're (mom) both busy with works but since, it's a very important occasion we couldn't just let it pass.

To be honest, I don't fancy attending family gatherings because I'm an awkward turtle and I'm kinda shy to talk to my relatives but as you all know, once I get comfortable, I'll be loud and cray cray cray ! xD
Those things happen and I know my relatives especially the teen ones feel that way too. So yeaaahhh !

Let's get it on !
Le cousins

 Onto the celebration. 

This was probably the most heart warming scene that I've ever witnessed. My cousins told me that Mamay (my granny) used to be a kill joy and doesn't want to take pictures but it turned the opposite way ! We cheered for them to kiss after blowing the candles, and she just dropped the bomb, and kissed Papay (my grandfather) ^_^ So much love !! My cousins of course were all shocked haha ! But it's also a tear jerking moment for all of us, because we rarely see each other and the others actually came from a far province. Seeing them all grown up make me realize how fast time flies. Mamay and Papay cried out of joy, they didn't expect us to be all present in their special day :) 
After going out of my shell and exposing my crazy side, we started talking and taking pictures together :)
Those are my cousins, and my Tita Alice.

 When just yesterday they were all toddlers ;___;
PS: We have an amazing genes, aren't we ? hahaha ! jk. jk. ! Me and my sister looked like minions standing next to them T^T but, but, we're older !!!!! They're just 15-18. Mom is the one to blame ! T___T

Karaoke !!! Tita Alice singing from the top of her lungs ! :D 

This made the atmosphere lighter and the elderly started dancing.
They looked so young right ? :) 

Mom kept on asking me for a photo while I'm having a good time with my cousins so I gave her a derp face and ran away after.

 Yet she asked for another one soooo....
and she laughed at my face. Don't be so surprise mom, I got this face from you hahaha ! 
A decent picture with my Tita Gemma :)
One of my most loved picture that day :)) I love you Mamay and Papay ♥

Wasn't able to take a photo with Mamay because she's too busy T^T

Anyway, that's it for tonight !! 
I actually rushed this entry so that I can make a new one and post it as soon as possible :)

Oh and btw, my new phone finally arrived so I can now blog with a more high quality photos ^__^ 

Have a goodnight minna ~



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