Kawaii in Manila 3: Let's Make it Happen

Kawaii in Manila 3 !

Kawaii in Manila 3 !

Kawaii in Manila 3 !

Hear that ? Yes ! Yes ! Kawaii in Manila 3 is in the middle of planning!!! I can't contain my excitement ! This time I'll never let it pass again ! I'M GONNA ATTEND! 

But as you can see, planning and organizing a bigger event is not as easy as it seems, especially in the financial department. The larger the convention, the more costs needed. 

So being a supporter, I'd like to help out by spreading this "call" to my readers :)

Let's hear it from my role model first, Kaila ^___^

"Hello Kawaii PH Girls!
Here's our official logo for #‎KawaiiInManila3‬ #‎KawaiiInAsia‬!
 Everything is still tentative as of the moment, hope everyone can help us out with our future fundraising projects! 

Honestly, this convention would probably cost roughly 1.5M or more (say 2-3M, since we've discussed with the team that we want it as a 2-day convention in World Trade, and not SMX) but I believe that the power / influence of kawaii girls (naksss) and kawaii appreciators (ano ba tawag sa mga kawaii men lol) can shock the whole Philippines. Proven and tested by Kawaii in Manila 2's attendees. (Expected: 500; Actual: 1,500+). Kawaii PH Team / KIM2 Organizing team were first-timers in convention planning but with everybody's help through social media, we MADE noise.

If you are as excited as we are, I would like to ask everyone a favor if you could spread the news by downloading this logo (by Chichi hihi) and tagging @kawaii_ph (with hashtags ‪#‎Kawaii‬ #KawaiiInManila3 #KawaiiInAsia ‪#‎KawaiiPhilippines‬)! The more eyeballs we get, the more support, the more "viral" this "call for attention" gets, sponsors would not think twice this time in helping us fund & actualize this bigger and dream convention. Last year, we sent almost 150+ sponsorship letters to companies, and only a few took a risk with us (maybe they were thinking, "what kawaii?"  ) . This year, we will send probably twice or thrice.. or maybe this time, they will run after Kawaii PH now, hehe! 

To all bloggers out there, you don't have to have hundreds of readers (or followers), your blog / instagram account alone already is a powerful medium to draw attention and raise awareness. Let us know what you envision that will happen in our future 2-day convention. A pathway of sakura trees? A purikura machine? Rental yukata area? Kawaii workshops (polymer clay, watercolor, illustration, etc.)? Kawaii Jeepneys and Tricycles? Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ??? (crazy dream lol but it's free to dream anyway). Do you want TokyoFashion.com to hold their exhibit? Tell the world about Kawaii in Asia!

I cannot promise if 2 days can actually happen with all the costs to be considered, but what I can promise is that me and my team's 10000% effort will be put into this and you will be part of this success. 

Let's make another kawaii miracle happen. Let's make more kawaii ruckus together as a community and a kawaii family here!
Thank you and Amen."

I want to have a pathway of Sakura trees and rent yukata area !! \(*Q*\)
Who's with me ? :)

For more inquiries please visit Kawaii Philippines 

Please spread this and make Kawaii in Manila 3 possible !!
To all the bloggers, otaku, everyone who fancies cute things, or even hipsters (lol) out there who support this movement, let's wish the Kawaii PH Team more success and loveee ~ ♥♥♥ 


Kawaii in Manila 3 ! 




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