Rainbowholic Meet Up 2014 ♥

It all started with this news. 
and I'm like why not ? 

So without a second thought I gave it a try and made my essay. I wrote about my dreams and how I will achieve it. I didn't feel like I'm writing an essay for a contest because my dreams are just overflowing and I felt like I was just writing in my personal journal. But being the shy and negative me, I didn't hope for the best and expected that I won't be able to stand a chance because I thought my entry was boring or lacking. 


I woke up to this. Can you just imagine how happy I felt ? I wasn't able to get a decent sleep because we happened to had our defense that day and final exams were also creeping in so I became so frustrated yet this little piece of paper brought me happiness :) I excitedly told my friends and families even though they're not the kind of people who would understand this kind of things, they're still glad and congratulated me. T^T

There's only a problem: How to get to SM Megamall by myself ? I'm not good at directions and my navigation skills suck ! But then my best friend came in his shining armor and offered himself to walk me up to the terminal T^T huhu thank you bes ~

I got to the mall then asked for directions to get to the Atrium and after minutes of walking I reached my destination. 

I was greeted by none other than my fave blogger herself Kaila together with the new Kawaii PH Blogger Micaela ♥___♥ I was an early bird being the first one to arrive. Meeting her in flesh !! I fangirled a lot ! I can't believe that the girl behind Rainbowholic was right in front of me talking and smiling and looking at me ! I couldn't let this moment pass !! Even though I'm a little shy, I asked for a pictureeee ~


and I was lucky enough to get the seat right next to her !!

She's so nice and friendly. I didn't feel that awkward because she gave off a very comfortable aura around her, making me feel like I'm just talking to a distant friend who I got reunited with after years. 

I also took a picture of her and Mica :)
They looked so cute together ~

Because I was the first one to come, I took pictures of our table, The cutest setting on earth ! I can feel her effort just by looking at them !

She even brought out her personal diary !
 This cute blythe doll ! *Q* 
and this dancing Groot paper-craft made our table more kawaii ~

Handwritten nameplate ! I seriously gonna have this laminated!

Free Taro Milk tea, It was her treat :D

other attendees were coming too so Kaila officially started the meet up :)

She first introduced herself then presented the cutest visuals I have ever seen ! Because I'm just a meter away from her, I can hear her loud and clear. Everyone was paying attention to her as she tells her story. I discovered more of her hardships and struggles before she became the Kaila we all know now. There were those times when she almost teared up and her voice was shaking, glad she held it in because if she did cry, I probably would too T__T Too many feels that moment. I couldn't believe that I'm learning straight from her! When just yesterday I'm mourning about not attending KIM2 and not being able to meet her :( She talked about some of her personal matters that alone, made me feel so special like she's giving us her trust. 
She's so close! She's so close !! *Q* fangirl mode!

The "talk" was very motivating and empowering ! Who would've thought that this cute girl could lead a very encouraging event ! She talks very professionally. No wonder she's successful now. She would crack jokes from time to time making the atmosphere lighter. She could be serious and funny at the same time ! I'm loving her every minute naaaaa ~

 (wasn't able to take many pictures during the session because I'm listening to her attentively)

Once again, my motivations about reaching my dream fueled up and she's the one to blame lol ! I found new sides of her that Rainbowholic blog wouldn't expose :) She's not your average girl, she's superwoman ! :D My perspective in life changed a 360 degree, I can never look at things the same way again. Her positiveness was overwhelming. One thing that I love about her is that she can present and handle herself well, she can depend on herself, she's her own hero :) Me on the other hand have to work hard on that department. So Gambatte ~!

After the talk, we had a Q&A. Now that I'm writing this, the questions that I should've asked kept piling on my mind. I'm too pre-occupied that day that I wasn't able to ask a lot of questions ! T^T Whuuut a waste !

The event finished off by distributing the goodies :)

PS: Sorry to other Kawaii girls, I was too busy that I forgot to take photos with you and this "giving goodies moment" Gomen ne (-A-)

and it's my turn!!!!!
Asked Princess to take a photo for me!

 If I could just freeze this moment I would ! :'))
One of the most precious hugs I've ever experience! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 

My face shows it all ! T^T sooo happy !!! 

Photos with my new found friends ~
 Hydie and Micaela ♥

Wackified hahaha !

Of course a selfie with my sweetheart is a must :DD

She's so freaking cuteee *Q* 

I also asked for her autograph haha !


and that's how the meet up ended. I left the venue together with Liana, I randomly asked her direction on her way home (secretly and desperately hoping she lives near to my place) lol ! and it so happen that she would take a bus up to Monumento so I tagged along ~ Life is easy ! Thank you God T^T that means I wouldn't have to go home myself.

Liana is my new found friend, She's super duper nice and talkative. If there's one thing we have in common it would be Kpop hahaha ! 3/4 of our conversation was all about it ! :D The whole bus ride wasn't boring because we just talked like we knew each other a long time ago ! We also shared our thoughts regarding the meet up with Kaila. I'm happy that somehow I met someone who also looked up to the person I looked up to. She respects and idolizes her just like me :) 
 That girl is pretty amazing ! I can be comfortable around her without being awkward.

We bid farewell as we reached Monumento T^T Until next time Lianaaa !
It was really nice meeting you ~

Going home and feeling so excited to open my goodies !

 Kawaii stickers that I will never use because of the cuteness*Q*
 Little Twin Stars notebook :D I will put this into good use.
 Cute notepad from Provenance Designs and Crafts!!
 Kawaii PH sites :) Go check it out ~
 Fangirled upon seeing this two cute pins ! Lucy Pop and Rainbowholic cafe T^T Thank you !!
 Hodge Podge goodies included !
and this Kawaii Ninja card !! huhu ! Arigatou~

She gave us this hadwritten booklet !

This will serves as our "homework" haha ! She's just too cute ! 

Motivating quotes to ponder on :))

Generally, I enjoyed the meet up ! It was an eye opener for me. I feel like my social life boosted 100000x ! I was able to talk to other Kawaii girls without feeling awkward and uncomfortable. I'm slowly going out of my shell hahaha ! I really appreciate Kaila's efforts by doing this event. I can't believe that she did all of the visuals by herself. Everything felt like she had a personal touch on it! I will never forget this day :)  I learned that if you just keep on believing in your dreams and doing something to achieve it your luck will come shining through :) Just be patient and persistent. 

So thank you Kaila, you don't know how much it meant to me. I promise you will never regret giving me this opportunity, I will apply all the lessons that I've learned and will continue to pursue my dreams ! Goodluck and more power to you and to the rest of Kawaii PH Team ! Hoping to be a part of your future meet ups too ! I will do my "homework" and will show it to you someday! Sending you lots and lots of love ~ ♥ I love youuuuuu !!

~►Kawaii PH Girl,


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