January 2016

Hey guys ! We haven't reached the end of January yet I'm doing a monthly entry in advance because I will be out of town and will probably be back by the first or second week of February. Better be early! 

Contrary to my New Year's Resolution, I did a lot of procrastinating this month. It's only the first month yet my lazy ass is already winning but no ! I will not let this one take over! My motivation is at its maximum hundred percent maybe not this month but hell yeah !

I'm drafting this at 2 am with my pup snoring on my lap because if he doesn't wanna cuddle on my last night here I'm forcing myself to him. Ughhh I'm gonna miss him so much.

Anyway, January overall is literally a movie marathon month ! But let's skip that for now. :D

Me and my bestfriend, Roi had dinner, he took me to this restaurant that he always talks about because of the scrumptious food, only to find out that he's actually eyeing a gorgeous woman who works there. -_- Guys will always be guys.

On the second week, me and my cousin Jung went out for a night adventure. It was all too sudden, and it's already 9 pm but since we're too unstoppable, we continued with our trip. Luckily, we reached home before midnight! All safe and sound. That night is probably one of the most unpredictable nights I've ever had. A fare, a backpack, some leftover foods and we're good to go. 

We officially ended our trip with a bottle of Soju to celebrate our pagiging lakwatchera !

Since I didn't go out too much this month, let's stop at that part and proceed with my movie reviews kind of section. Are you guys ready to hear my crazy, not so professional opinions ?

This movie is a bomb !! and I highly recommend it to everyone! Watching historical film is not my forte but this hit a nerve raw. I enjoyed watching this probably because John Arcilla's acting is the best, this role is totally made for him. He nailed Heneral Luna's badass character. I think this is an eye opener for me, to continue supporting historical films such as this. 

Because I'm a fan of LizQuen!! Quen is really good at conveying emotions while Liza looks expensive as always ! She's so pretty. Oh being the cry baby that I am, I cried a little. JUST A LITTLE.

"Strobe Edge Live Action" people !! Haven't read the manga yet but I'm thinking of giving it a shot.

I literally cried buckets watching "Cybor Girlfriend"! It's too futuristic for some but hey this is what the movie is all about. And that didn't stop me from catching all the feelings from this movie. 

Not really my genre so I'm totally dumbfounded when I watched this. My mind blew up from all the gore. I'm not really prepared with all of that y'all hahaha ! Lol anyways, my cousin just convinced me to watch this and I don't regret it, it's fine switching to other genre sometimes. I'm up for the part two!

Going Hollywood !

First of is "Safe Haven", this movie got me confused at first then the plot twists at the end got me like O_o
such an amazing creation, probably because it's Nicholas Sparks'. 

Some of my friends told me to watch this because I can relate and I'm like "no darling, I can't relate because I'm always broke".-_- Poor me.

I would really love it if I happen to have the same power to turn book characters into life, because I'm gonna be honest, Imma buy One Direction books because that is #FangirlGoals Imagine them coming to life omg. Harry Styles asdfghjkl! 

Where was I ? Oh yeah ! Goosebumps is a thrilling movie. I couldn't calm down watching the evil characters come to life ! What a trouble. 

This movie is so heart warming! They are really destined to meet. Made me think that the world is really small after all. This documentary just proves the power of social media. 

Another movie that made me cry, (Iyakin eh enebe!) Love, Rosie is not your average chick flick.  This movie was an emotional rollercoaster. I'm putting this on one of my favorite movies ever. Two actors had such great chemistry, just from the way they would look at each other! Would seriously recommend if you want to go down the feels road. Plus can we talk about how gorgeous Lily Collins is?

Ahhhh finally reached the end of my movie reviews. 
Spoiler Alert!!(don't go on if you're planning to watch it)
If I was stranded on Mars, I would die after a day or two but this guy managed to live and get away with it like a boss ! Matt Damon deserves an Oscar with this role. 
Is it really possible to live in Mars ? The future should probably the ones to figure this one out. 

I'm too sleepy sorry guys if this came out as rushed because it really is. T^T
I might edit this when I get back next month though.

Would you believe that ? 11 movies?!?! I guess I have a lot of time in my hands.
Hope you will all try to watch them movies! and give me your feedbacks too :)

I'm gonna miss my baby who will turn 3 months on February 3rd T^T
Sad that I won't get to be with him. Loveyou Haru ♥

I asked my sister to buy me a planner and now I got two ! :)



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