About Me Page ??

If there's a last thing I would want to do on earth, it would be making my "About Me" page. Actually, I don't plan on making this entry but I've been staring this white blank screen for almost an hour and still couldn't come up with something that satisfies me, Like what should I write ? Who the heck am I ? It's 5 am and I'm still up, This has always been my dilemma. It's not like I don't really know myself that much. I just don't know what are the right things to say or the right way to introduce, of course I want it to be unique and something that my "readers" (if there's really any) would find interesting.  I bet all the bloggers out there can relate to this. I salute you all for coming up with such well thought and well-delivered introductions But really, what should I write ? T___T me so hopeless. 

Look at me, instead of doing and thinking, I'm procrastinating and letting out all of my frustrations through this post. 

I might do something stupid and just say

"Hey, I'm Grace and I love donuts"

I can't just shrug it off and not do it. I feel like it's part of my obligations, so I really want to come up with something that will represent not only me but also the things that I'm passionate at. I should probably think about it thoroughly, and put more thought and effort.  

and now my back is aching, I should head to bed !




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