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Before I start this entry, I just want to request a prayer from you (who's reading this now) for my fellow Filipinos who are affected by the Typhoon Mario aftermath. The down pour of rain was so heavy and non-stop resulting to a massive flood.  Many residents were forced to evacuate for their safety. Overall, almost half a million residents of Manila and other provinces are affected. :( 

Somehow today, the weather calmed down a bit, and the sky is brightening up now. This will soon pass, so to my fellow Filipinos, please be strong !

Now let's get down to the business haha ! 

I think I might consider being a 'real' blogger in the future.

I get inspired whenever I read somebody's blog, especially those Filipina bloggers who reside in my dream land, Japan. I get so fired up whenever I see their entries about the places they had been and get to enjoy every little thing Japan has to offer. I feel so excited hearing their stories and adventures and it's making my motivation fueled up. I'm like "I want to go there too and take pictures and put it in my blog".

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It's not because I envy them that's why I want to go there. Given the fact that it has been my dream, I also want to explore the places and share it with people, tell them my stories of how amazing Japan can be. Whenever I see my future self, it would be me wearing a very kawaii outfit, holding a camera and taking pictures of everything I find interesting. That image has been on my mind for quite some time now. I feel so overwhelmed by that idea. Personally, I didn't think I would end up having these dream since blogging is just my hobby but look at me now ! broadcasting it to the world hahaha ! I want to be a Japan lifestyle blogger. So far within my reach but who cares ? Dreaming is free ! :D

Anyway, I don't know if this is just because of my excitement of going away. I might lose my drive one day and forget about this 'real blogger' dream. but as of now, I really do enjoy blogging and will continue doing it :)

Or maybe it's because it's 5 am now and my brain is still working so fine that I came up with such an unreachable dream.



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