Educational Tour

We had our Educational Tour last August 22. 

and you know what's the most frustrating about it ?

Me and Vien got separated from the rest of the gang.
I didn't enjoy half of the tour because of that. You feel me right ? I'm excited on spending the whole tour with them because I'm sure we'll enjoy the company. But no. We didn't get on the same bus. Luckily, we're with our other classmates so it's not that awkward, except for this guy that I was seated next to. He's from a different course and he's not talking to anybody in the bus.

We spent most of our time on the bus while getting to our destinations so it sucks that we're not complete. On the side note, we're actually the ones who were at fault because we came late so we had no choice but to face the consequences. Screw that. 

Anyway after getting separated we hit the road and headed to our first location.  

First stop : Enchanted Farm Village University.
A decent picture with Mrs. Ochoa and my class 

another one with Mrs. Nieva and Sir Bautista.
The Gawad Kalinga held a short seminar and talked about their history, their goals and how they plan on changing the society by helping those who are in need, They also provide free education to the deserving students and accepts internships from around the globe.

Upon arriving in their lobby, one of their interns kinda photobombed xD

Took pictures of the paintings on display 

Went inside the convention and here's the founder making his speech.
 These are the interns that I'm talking about. They came from different parts of the world, some are from France, Hungary, Aleman and Canada. 
and I was able to take a picture with one of them, he's Lucas ladies and gents. 

*I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home*

after the seminar, the tour has begun......

I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking.

Living in the city is really suffocating so it's nice to be able to breathe fresh air once in a while. Trips like this makes me feel closer to the nature.

and more photos of us while walking back to our bus.

Now onto our last destination !

Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort !
 Probably the best part of this trip.

I looked so haggard. I know. I know. 
We got one of the largest cottage, having two huge tables so we're able to share it to the whole class !The whole cottage is strictly for BEN41.

 Table looked so messy hahaha ! 

The gang in one picture !! I was hardly seen ! 

Changed into our swimming attires.

Taking pictures while we're still dry 

and finally hitting the pools !!!

I'm the one with the bloated face !!! Spot me Spot me ! 
Everyone's being vain then here's Laida talking to the photographer.

I can somehow swim so I didn't have a hard time coping with the water coz' I'm a former whale that just evolved into a human being. Even if I didn't try, my bloated body can do me a favor and just float hahaha ! 

Spent almost 3 hours swimming and we really enjoyed it :) 

Another round of photo session before going home.

 There's this obstacle course beside the parking lot so we decided to play !!

and that's a wrap !!

Credits to Alvin, Ynah and Aya for these pictures !! :)
I know it has been a very long post. I want you to enjoy it as much as I did.
Looking forward to our next tour if there's any and the gang will promise to attend early so we won't get separated again. Lesson learned!



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