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Sunday, December 28, 2014

My TwenTEEN Birthday

"Teenage life no more TTuTT"

Says the girl who just turned 20 last December 20. 


Since I'm so in love with writing/storytelling, I'm here to blog about how my birthday went.

Me and my gang annually have our own Christmas party along with the celebration of my birthday as it falls on the same month. This year was no different. I love spending my time with them the most, especially on my important day. 

This mini party took place at my home. Where they called their dorm because this is also our go to place/tambayan

Prepared and displayed the gifts for our Monito-Monita. This is getting exciting!!

Wackiest friend of mine, Ynah :)

Itadakimasu !! 
The shit fam gave it to me as a gift !! Senkyuuuuu!! Huhu !! Now I'm feeling japanese on my birthday. Lol but yeah! TTuTT 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

BEN 41's Christmas Party

You know our generous Professor who I mentioned on my blog post before ? 

Yeah the one who continuously gives us free meal every class meeting.

Well, he kinda went all out this time.

By organizing and sponsoring our class's Christmas Party!!! 

That's probably the most touching and overwhelming thing a Professor can do to his class. Not everyone can spend that amount of money for a class he only gets to meet once a week! 

Anywayssss, I'm here again to document the party that took place at Casino Espanyol de Manila last December 18. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos because my very useful and loving phone died even before the party started. And since I feel like I'm gonna die if I don't make an entry about it, I asked my dear classmates to use the photos that they took during the said event and I'm happy that majority of them agreed :) 

So with the help of them, I'll now present you "BEN 41's Christmas Party".

*le starts narrating*
*ehem ehem*

After my office duties, I met two of my friends, Laida and Bebi at their office where we get dressed. 

Thank you Ma'am Laine for these pictures. :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Family Reunion + Daiso Shopping !

In celebration of my brother's and my Tita's birthday, another reunion was held.  This one was more special than the last gathering we had just this October because my cousins from Cavite came too !! The more the merrier! These were the people that I grew up with back in the days and now they have their own families!! 

Story telling start!!!

I'm not a morning person but we have to leave early to avoid heavy traffic. And I'm like shmurrr...=__=

A cloudy weather it is. 

We all know how good the lighting in the morning is , therefore it shall not be missed. So.....

Le skin looked so good!! Thank you iPhone for making it appear smooth even when it's really dry.

Monday, December 8, 2014

3 Weeks of Office Life

I've been ranting about how hard it is to find a company to have my OJT on my previous posts. After a week of company hunting, we finally found a company to render our services to.

Today, I'm gonna share my stories of how it all started. This will be a brief summary of my office life for the past 3 weeks. Actually, everything happened so fast!! Passed our resumés on Monday, got called on Wednesday then finally started our first day on Thursday, last November 20. Relieved that two of my friends got accepted too! 

First day in photos...

Brought this pink and white striped bow because I need some Kawaii power on my first day!!!! Met my friends and had breakfast before going to the office.

And we're here.. we arrived so early and since nobody's around, I took few photos of the office. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

How My November Went

November was probably the most hectic month for me. I only managed to update two blog posts because of my always full schedule. Gomen ne~ (-A-) I missed blogging aaaa!!  and now that I have the time to publish a new entry, I will no longer make you wait!! :D

We set up our 5 ft. Christmas Tree in the very first day of November. I don't know why mom decided to put it up in the middle of a gloomy holiday. It still looked fab after all these years... Would you believe if I say that it is older than me ? 

Nevermind the messy decorations, we're talking about the tree and the tree alone hahaha !! Let's just focus on the subject 'mkay? XD

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Good People

It's true that there are still kind hearted people in this now liberated country. And I'm gonna say that I'm one of those fortunate people who get to experience such blessing :) Not just once but twice!!
We call these people the good samaritans.

First, was when we were inquiring at companies and hotels for our OJT(on the job training) around Mabini which included a lot of walking and touring. Me and my friends were all dead and tired. It felt like we're looking for an actual job. We've been circling around Mabini the whole day and we decided to go to Robinson's Place and dropped by McDonald's to grab something to eat. My group is very practical when it comes to eating in fast foods, we bring our own extra rice, since we don't want to waste our money on their overly high priced extra rice hahaha!! Yes we do that! 

After stuffing ourselves, we stayed a little longer to talk about our next plans regarding the company hunting. When this woman around her 40's approached and handed us a take out bag from McDonalds, I thought at first that she's here for soliciting and stuffs. But no,she told us that it was from a guy whom she pointed at, standing outside the store. He's a foreigner around his 50's I guess.  We gladly accepted the bag and thanked the good hearted stranger, he nodded, smiled and waved at us in return.

And it seemed like he was eyeing on us for quite a while because the number of burgers was just enough for us :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quick Blog Post: Second Semester Will Be No Joke

It's only the second week of second semester and it's already causing us students too much stress. Ugh ....the struggles of a 4th yr student. T^T I have to let out all my frustrations since I'm huge fan of ranting, I'm gonna b..b..b..b..b..break it down for you. We'll be having our OJT this sem and I still have no idea what company should I go for. Me so hopeless TTuTT we'll also have to implement our feasibility study and I'm pretty sure that we're gonna have to change the whole concept and be back to square one since our work is a lot complicated than it already is. I feel so pressured and helpless to be honest.  =__=
       My body clock is also getting worse. I often find myself still awake at 5am T____T I stay up late a lot than I usually do!! I don't get enough sleep because of that. Huhuhu..  maybe a little change in my daily routine wouldn't hurt. I guess?   

    Anyway, sorry for constantly blogging about my stress. I know that this isn't worthy and inspiring in any way but blogging this would somehow make me feel less burden. As for me, there's nothing really special going on lately so Yeahhh. Oh and I might be busy for the next following days or even months once I start my OJT :((((( but I'll keep you guys posted since I love sharing my not so interesting stories and rants and weird stuffs. 
                                      Thank you for reading ~                                              


Sunday, November 2, 2014

How My October Went


Started my October with our Feasibility study defense. We actually had a lot of time to study and brainstorm for it but as you know teens haha ! We procrastinated a lot and always a sucker for due dates so we're like cramming at the very last minute ! The fact that we went to a family gathering the day before made me feel so exhausted to review but I still forced myself to stay up late together with my group mates. It was a nerve wrecking day for everyone! Somehow, it turned out quite well,  all thanks to my hardworking group mates!  After the endless nights of nightmare (defense I'm still talking to you!) comes the most unforgettable day of my life. I was invited/chosen to be a part of Kaila's Rainbowholic Meet up 2014, I blogged about it and guess what? She posted it on her official instagram account huhuhu !
here's the link if you want to read it. So much blessings huhu ! TTuTT She held an essay writing contest and those who will be chosen will have a privilege of meeting her up close and personal. If you asked me, I think my entry sounded more like a fangirl dying to get noticed hahaha! I couldn't believe it up until now. She really is something and I know she can achieve lots of things and more success in the future! I have to stop now or else this will turn into a long-list-of-things-that-I-love-about-Kaila kind of entry haha ! Pursuing my love for kawaii, I also decided to join Kawaii PH Community, I was able to meet many people who shares the same passion that I have !   

I even started coloring the cute booklet that she had given me. Too much kawaiiness !! 
Tadaaaaa~! I had so much fun doing it! 

Also one of the highlight of my October was the day that I finally saw my online friend on cam for the first time ever ! Meet Yumi,
This sweet girl is my fave friend ! I've never actually met her in person because she lives in Japan but she likes to send me photos of the places she went and the people she loves. She also comforts me like nobody else could (that time when I got my heart broken. Lol Grace why bring up that now?xD) She was there for me in spirit. One of the many reasons why I'm eager to visit Japan is because I want to meet her and thank her for this wonderful friendship. I just love her to death ! ♥__♥

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rainbowholic Meet Up 2014 ♥

It all started with this news. 
and I'm like why not ? 

So without a second thought I gave it a try and made my essay. I wrote about my dreams and how I will achieve it. I didn't feel like I'm writing an essay for a contest because my dreams are just overflowing and I felt like I was just writing in my personal journal. But being the shy and negative me, I didn't hope for the best and expected that I won't be able to stand a chance because I thought my entry was boring or lacking. 


I woke up to this. Can you just imagine how happy I felt ? I wasn't able to get a decent sleep because we happened to had our defense that day and final exams were also creeping in so I became so frustrated yet this little piece of paper brought me happiness :) I excitedly told my friends and families even though they're not the kind of people who would understand this kind of things, they're still glad and congratulated me. T^T

There's only a problem: How to get to SM Megamall by myself ? I'm not good at directions and my navigation skills suck ! But then my best friend came in his shining armor and offered himself to walk me up to the terminal T^T huhu thank you bes ~

I got to the mall then asked for directions to get to the Atrium and after minutes of walking I reached my destination. 

I was greeted by none other than my fave blogger herself Kaila together with the new Kawaii PH Blogger Micaela ♥___♥ I was an early bird being the first one to arrive. Meeting her in flesh !! I fangirled a lot ! I can't believe that the girl behind Rainbowholic was right in front of me talking and smiling and looking at me ! I couldn't let this moment pass !! Even though I'm a little shy, I asked for a pictureeee ~


and I was lucky enough to get the seat right next to her !!

She's so nice and friendly. I didn't feel that awkward because she gave off a very comfortable aura around her, making me feel like I'm just talking to a distant friend who I got reunited with after years. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kawaii in Manila 3: Let's Make it Happen

Kawaii in Manila 3 !

Kawaii in Manila 3 !

Kawaii in Manila 3 !

Hear that ? Yes ! Yes ! Kawaii in Manila 3 is in the middle of planning!!! I can't contain my excitement ! This time I'll never let it pass again ! I'M GONNA ATTEND! 

But as you can see, planning and organizing a bigger event is not as easy as it seems, especially in the financial department. The larger the convention, the more costs needed. 

So being a supporter, I'd like to help out by spreading this "call" to my readers :)

Let's hear it from my role model first, Kaila ^___^

"Hello Kawaii PH Girls!
Here's our official logo for #‎KawaiiInManila3‬ #‎KawaiiInAsia‬!
 Everything is still tentative as of the moment, hope everyone can help us out with our future fundraising projects! 

Honestly, this convention would probably cost roughly 1.5M or more (say 2-3M, since we've discussed with the team that we want it as a 2-day convention in World Trade, and not SMX) but I believe that the power / influence of kawaii girls (naksss) and kawaii appreciators (ano ba tawag sa mga kawaii men lol) can shock the whole Philippines. Proven and tested by Kawaii in Manila 2's attendees. (Expected: 500; Actual: 1,500+). Kawaii PH Team / KIM2 Organizing team were first-timers in convention planning but with everybody's help through social media, we MADE noise.

If you are as excited as we are, I would like to ask everyone a favor if you could spread the news by downloading this logo (by Chichi hihi) and tagging @kawaii_ph (with hashtags ‪#‎Kawaii‬ #KawaiiInManila3 #KawaiiInAsia ‪#‎KawaiiPhilippines‬)! The more eyeballs we get, the more support, the more "viral" this "call for attention" gets, sponsors would not think twice this time in helping us fund & actualize this bigger and dream convention. Last year, we sent almost 150+ sponsorship letters to companies, and only a few took a risk with us (maybe they were thinking, "what kawaii?"  ) . This year, we will send probably twice or thrice.. or maybe this time, they will run after Kawaii PH now, hehe! 

To all bloggers out there, you don't have to have hundreds of readers (or followers), your blog / instagram account alone already is a powerful medium to draw attention and raise awareness. Let us know what you envision that will happen in our future 2-day convention. A pathway of sakura trees? A purikura machine? Rental yukata area? Kawaii workshops (polymer clay, watercolor, illustration, etc.)? Kawaii Jeepneys and Tricycles? Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ??? (crazy dream lol but it's free to dream anyway). Do you want to hold their exhibit? Tell the world about Kawaii in Asia!

I cannot promise if 2 days can actually happen with all the costs to be considered, but what I can promise is that me and my team's 10000% effort will be put into this and you will be part of this success. 

Let's make another kawaii miracle happen. Let's make more kawaii ruckus together as a community and a kawaii family here!
Thank you and Amen."

I want to have a pathway of Sakura trees and rent yukata area !! \(*Q*\)
Who's with me ? :)

For more inquiries please visit Kawaii Philippines 

Please spread this and make Kawaii in Manila 3 possible !!
To all the bloggers, otaku, everyone who fancies cute things, or even hipsters (lol) out there who support this movement, let's wish the Kawaii PH Team more success and loveee ~ ♥♥♥ 


Kawaii in Manila 3 ! 



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kanzhu + Family Gathering

Hello ! It's been a while haha ! I've been so busy with school matters that I wasn't able to spare some time for blogging TTuTT Gomen ne (-A-) Anyway, aside from school, there's another thing that kept my mouth me busy, it's a food. It's always been food. :)))))

This time we tried Kanzhu :D

Yay ! \(^__^)/

We've been eyeing this restaurant for quite some time and finally got to visit it.
Since we're a sucker for bargains, we tried their promo which was a Php99 deals. xD

 This salt and pepper squid was the bomb ! My faveee ~

Monday, October 6, 2014

Eastwood Night Out

The gang wanted to try out the midnight-morning buffet at Somethin's Fishy located at Eastwood so we made plans of visiting there, little did we know, the deadline of the final draft of our Feasibility Study was scheduled on the same day. SeriousLeeeee ? >_< We haven't started doing Financial Study so we're cramming at the very last minute, but with the help of our class geniuses we we're able to finish it TTuTT and still went to Eastwood so late at night ! If it wasn't for the deadline we would be there way more early, but since things got out of hand, we arrived around 12 midnight and Aya wasn't able to tag along anymore. T^T

Call me ignorant, but it's my first time going there and was pretty amazed by the place! Everything looked so luxurious and elegant. Eastwood is a famous place for celebs but sadly, we weren't able to spot any of them. 

Entered the said restaurant we've been aiming for !
Let the photo spam beginsssss !

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How My September Went

One of the highlights of my September would be my blog reaching it's 1000th page views ! I still can't believe it ! I've been blogging for like 9 months and I'm so happy that some people really did take their time to read my entries :'') I will continue doing this because I fell in love with blogging !

1st week of September went extremely fine coz' finally...
Me and my bae are together now !

(sorry for being clingy!)

Obviously, it's a Daniel Padilla standee from KFC T^T I've been begging my friend Laida who's working there to give it to me since this standee has been on the stock room for long. But not now baby, you're safe with me ! hahaha ! It all happened one random night, when my phone rang and it was her, asking if I still want to keep that standee. A little hesitant because of my parents reaction but still went out and accepted it! xD My mum just laughed at me as well as my Daddy when they saw it ! They told me I'm crazy ! and there's no way I'm gonna deny it !  Yes I am ! HAHAHA !

So yeaahh, after wiping off some gravies and dusts, I set him up on my wall in front of my bed so I can wake up to his beautiful face lol ! and to make my mornings worth waking up to...

but not really at night, when the lights are off, and I'm trying to sleep.. He's a little creepy >_<

Thank you Laida and Jake for being so considerate and thoughtful ! Don't worry Dj is in good hands now *insert creepy smile*.

I finally found my wig cap ! I've been looking for it since.. I forgot when! Out of my excitement I put on my blonde wig. ! I called myself "Blondina" whenever I wear it ! Took a lot of selfiessss of course !

I like to caption this with "Notice me Senpai" hahaha !
 Good thing my sister had a Dolly Wink Blonde Brow Mascara so my wig and brows are matched !
Added my blue polka dots hairband and hurray for my Taylor Swift shirt ! :D #Swiftie

and with that look, I felt so Kawaii for the rest of the night xD

I want to buy more wigs T^T 
If you happen to have one please donate to the cause ! hahaha !

Despite of the stresses that school has been putting on me, I still managed to read some Manga !

First would be Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

I love it ! Kyouya is more of a tsundere type of guy ! I don't like lying but if I were to make a lie with the same thing, I wish it would end up just like what happened to Erika ! Their fake relationship turned into a real one :) It's a typical shoujo manga but Kyouya's personality gives off a different vibe. 

Another one would be Heroine Shikkaku ! It's a romantic comedy, you could just tell by it's cover! way to go derp Hatori! First time seeing a manga with a funny cover xD Even though, I got disappointed at the ending, I understand that the mangaka wanted it to be as realistic as possible. Hatori still chooses Rita over Hiromitsu. The fact that Hiromitsu changed for her and still went for that childhood crush and douchebag Rita makes me feel so freaking upset. It was a good story tho and I truly recommend it for readers who want some major romcom genre !    

Adding to my stress, was the fact that I wasn't able to attend Kawaii in Manila 2 ! T__T The few chances of meeting Kaila, my fave blogger/inspiration was put into waste :(( I'm actually looking forward on attending such an event but I realized that we have school during Saturdays ! I just can't ditch because we had a quiz. 
I'm a huge fan of her and I truly support the movement of introducing the Kawaii lifestyle here in Philippines. Anyway, I've seen some pictures and articles and positive feedbacks about it and was happy to know that Kawaii in Manila 2 turned out to be a huge success ! :) They only expected about 500 attendees but to the surprised of many, the number of attendees went up to 1,500+! I've read Kaila's and Ms. Anne Kate's speech and I truly salute their motivations and efforts for going this far ! Congratulations to the Kawaii PH Team for a very successful event ! This is a good start for you guys ! Even though I wasn't able to come I gave my utmost support and will continue on doing it ! Hopefully, I can attend Kawaii in Manila 3 and will finally be able to meet my inspiration, Kaila and the rest of the wonderful and powerful Kawaii PH team.

I'm about to end this entry but there's no way I'm gonna miss this chance to rant about the frustrations I've been experiencing about school matters. I've never imagined that making a Feasibility Study could make me feel so depressed and helpless. We've been working on it since last week of September and up until now, we're still unsure about the whole content of it especially the financial department T^T Thank goodness we have some awesome and smart classmates who helped us during our hardest times (Thanks Joyce and Racive! ^__^v) We had our first defense from another subject just this Tuesday and glad that it turned out well ! Now, we have to deal with the second defense ! Please wish us luck :)