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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

8 Reasons Why Filipinos Love Christmas

The other night while I was walking home, I passed by a store with so many Christmas decoration, the ones with the bright lights and thousands of Santa figures gracing the shop front. Then it hit me,
like the child in me, I'm very fond of this holiday ever since I was a kid and  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one!
That's how I got this idea and listed some of the main reasons why people seem to love Christmas. ♥

1.) Closer Family Ties.
We gotta admit there's something about how we, Filipinos celebrate Christmas and I personally love it ! I like how everyone is willing to put eveything aside just to spend this day with their families and loved ones. It's that one thing that only us Filipinos will understand.

and after 5 shots of vodka..

Thursday, December 7, 2017

November 2017

So in just a blink of an eye, we're almost done with 2017 !

Hello December, my birth month and I know you guys don't care but I'm now accepting gifts in any kind (but lowkey prefer ca$h ) kidding ! but if you're serious yo gurrl right here is just a chat away *winks*

December is now here, but before I spill all my christmas-y feels let's first talk about November. 

Aside from All Soul's Day, November 7 is the first anniversary of my mom. 
 I just really can't imagine how fast a year went by. Sleepless and lonely nights all while constantly trying to live a normal life, it was difficult. 
Most of the days, I have to pretend I'm okay. I'm happy and everything is totally fine when deep inside you actually wanna die as well.
Every day I wake up, I have to remind myself that she's no longer here and that went on for a year, until this day. 

The pain, I know it won't go away but I'm trying, we are all trying to fill in the void and be complete even if it's only the four of us. 
It will take years for us to finally accept you being gone and we're on the right path of moving on. I just really need time to cope. More time. 
But Hi mama, I always say this, but I hope you're happy.
I hope you're watching us from above. 
We are always missing you but heyyy, we're getting the hang of it!
I hope you're proud of us four who are all struggling to do simple house chores hahahaha!We still need to try harder though but we're getting there.
I love you Ma! ♥

so before I actually start crying in rivers, let's move onto the next topic. 
Me and my sissy finally had the time to date and have our quality time. 
We rarely see each other now ever since she moved out and I do miss having dates like this. This time, we went to Lucky Chinatown!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Masasa Beach Experience + Anniversary Trip

Oh hi there !
Look at me trying to be active on my blog (which is a good thing!)

Me, together with my man and my sister headed off to Masasa Beach to have our quick escapade from the city life. oh and I know you guys don't care hahaha but we're actually there to celebrate my man and I's first anniversary fyi #cheesy and yeah my sister thirdwheeled on us! Loveyou Sissy! ♥ We've been dreading to go to a beach that is budget friendly and somewhere that is not overly crowded. Upon Bryan's researched, a lot of peeps recommended Masasa Beach located in Batangas. Budgeting for almost Php1,000 only in exchange for a breathtakingly beautiful paradise, now who wouldn't want that right ? (I'll breakdown our expenses below for your reference)

Our actual anniversary date is October 30 (a not so convenient date to travel/celebrate coz of the "undas"/holiday season)
 thanks babe btw -_- with so many people wanting to go home to their late loved ones, I dated it a day early on 29-30 (overnight).
He got in contact with Sir Donald, who owns a transient house in Tingloy for our homestay. Everything sure is settled !

Come October 29, 2017.
Packed and ready for the trip, we went to Buendia Terminal at 3am. Fearing the amount of passengers piling up in line (because again undas ya'll ) but to our surprise there was none!
The terminal was not even jampacked like what I had expected. So with a huge relief, we hopped into the bus and slept our way through Batangas. It was around 5 am in the morning when we reached Batangas Central Terminal. 
The locals were so helpful! There were actually jeepneys waiting there so we rode the one with the Anilao Port Route. It was an hour travel from the terminal to port and from there we paid Php30 for the environmental fee. Listed our names for the registration on the boat and off we went.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

BITE (Buffet in Time Esplanade) Experience

One random day, me, Bryan and my brother tried BITE (Buffet in Time Esplanade) located at 2nd Flr JT Central Building. This new buffet restaurant is the most talk about in town for its unique offers. You can try their buffet according to your own time even for only 30 minutes! Yes they do and for only Php168.  And it’s pretty much a good deal since they’ll give you enough time to scan all their choices before you can actually start munching!
 You can also try their 40 minutes for Php193
50 minutes for Php218
 1 hour for Php248
  and their unlimited time buffet for Php368!

The food menu has three sections, first is the Asian cuisine where you can find all the Asian and of course some of our most loved Filipino dishes! 

Followed by Western Cuisine that features some of our American faves and other sumptuous dish! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

October 2017

Whatchududer guys ! 
I'm back ♥

and today I'm gonna talk about how my October went. 
Again, if this is your first time here in my page. Hi there :)
I know it's a little confusing but here in my blog I write my most personal thoughts and tell my stories (not that anyone cares) but blogging became my hobby way back 2014. Since I don't have a specific genre, I just blog about everything I can think of; but to a more personal aspect.
So to those who wanna be my friend, this is the best way to get to know me.

Nevertheless, WELCOME ! hope you enjoy knowing more about me hahaha!

October is my Dad's birthmonth. and it wasn't too long ago since we started accepting and adjusting to our new lives. It was hard. This was his first birthday without Mom :( and I know how difficult it is to pretend you're cool about it when you're not. My sister and I made sure he'd feel appreciated and that we're all here for him on his special day. We gathered at the living room and welcomed his day at midnight of 10th. Not with a grand celebration, Dad wouldn't want it either. We settled with a mini party with just us the family members and the boyfriends were there too :)
and for the first time in a long time, I saw him smile. The kind of smile that melted my heart. ♥ :'')

 I love you Daddy and I know you won't get to read this but I want you to know how much I owe you my strength and my braveness to keep on living, to strive for the better. Thank you for working hard, for trying to fill in mom's position. 
No need Papa. This time, we'll be the one to take care of you and spoil you.
All you have to do is breathe and live longer and we will be fine :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Annoying Types of Customers

If you have ever worked/or still working in a retail store or a fast food chain, you will understand me. I made this blog to remind some fuxking people out there to not do these things, (just in case). Working in a retail store can be so tiring and I can totally go on a long ass rant about how many times I've encountered ruthless clients. 

So without further ado, 
here I've listed some of the annoying types of customers that makes me want to punch them in the face- with a chair.

1.) The Refund King/Queen.
Here we have the first set of drama queens, oh okay I see you bought this item here in our store 2 weeks ago but you realized you want another model ?
Are you fuxking kidding me ? Uhm, no sir and ma'am, it was clear in our receipt that we only have seven days replacement for your unit and nope that doesn't include your sudden change of mind. I don't care if you are pms-ing when you bought that unit, but you need to tell your hormones to chill the eff down. 
No refund is happening. 

2.) The Forgetful Devils.
Second, are the type of clients who would bring their units for a warranty service and would channel their inner devils when the warranty is void.
First of all, upon purchasing, our sales representative made it clear to you about the scope of the warranty and that doesn't include physical damage and other customer inflicted damages so for you mother fuxkers just a heads up. 
Upon checking of our technicians, they already know if something is up.
If you spilled any liquid in your laptop, or if you accidentally dropped the laptop itself, they would know. But goodness gracious you happen to have amnesia when asked if something really happened, you can go denying it to death darling but the truth will come out so stop nagging like a child and causing a scene coz that wouldn't work. But you know what we do ? We still have them repaired anyway, coz that's what the kind of sad world we live in. We give chances for shitty people like you. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

September 2017

Holy guacamole who's got a think face to publish a monthly blog after one another ? Am I being so lazy na ba talaga ? I used to blog more often even before I bought my laptop but what happened ? -_- Kashumadan.

So hey hey hey, this is Grace blogging about my September. 
To anyone who's a newbie here, Hi guys. I blog just about anything that comes to my mind but more of the nonsense department. iykwim kkk.
and if you're still reading at this point despite my dumb introduction, well congrats you made it here mate!

My September started with the newest buffet restaurant in town, BITE (Buffet Esplanade in Time). Which I'm gonna make a separate post about because I'll make a badass review it deserves. 

I had the time to meet up with some of my closest friends, here we have Laida and Bebi whom I haven't seen in ages. 

And on a separate day, I went to my best friend's house, Bill. The most talented guy I've ever met. Would you believe we've been friends for like 7 years-ish!!
And what's my fave thing about us is we doesn't have to necessarily have to stay in contact all the time to maintain our friendship. We can go long idle with each of us and when we meet it's just pure fun and no gap! 

I also had been eating anything Matcha-flavored again, in addition to my Matcha Hunt Series. 

We have here the Matcha Graham Cake that I ordered and met up with the seller. If you're wondering what's the term, yes it's matcha junkie Grace. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

August 2017

If you're wondering why I'm super duper late it's because my lazy ass be winning last month-present T^T can I get an amen for being the most masipag blogger ??? :D 

Heyyyyyy !!! it has been a while!

Do you guys missed me ? :p

as for August, hmmmm..
if you're thinking this one is gonna be different, well you're wrong coz again it's gonna be about F O O D. 

  but on a serious note, August 15 was my momma's birthday. ♥
her very first birthday without here. :'( 
Sana man lang dumalaw sya sa panaginip ko.
We visited her in the morning and wailed myself in front of her grave.
Hi Mama, I miss you so so so much. Things would be very different if you're still alive. The house won't feel this empty. People here won't see us differently. 
It's just so many blur. So many things have changed here honestly.

So I wish you are still here.
And there's nothing more I can ever hope in life. :(

Happiest Birthday Mama!
You are the most beautiful woman and no one can ever beat that. 
For sure ang bongga ng handa mo dyan sa heaven and you get to celebrate with angels and Him ♥
I wanna end this in a positive light, so mamshie I hope you're all well and happy na and please lang, dalaw dalaw din kapag may time :) 
I love you and I will always miss you Atunton.

*clears throat*

so I try this new Endless OS and it's so effin cool !
More so, you can download it for free!
I found this from one of my product training held by Acer, coz they're the first brand to use it. 

Perks? Unlike the ones we use today, this operating system can be use even without internet. And that alone means a lot! Considering internet is the main medium we people use to do our stuffs but this endless OS can do the job. 
It has pre installed Wikipedia and how to's articles. They have music and videos too yep again, pre installed when you download it. Oh and did I say they have super fun games too when you get bored? 

I've tried it myself! It was user friendly as well. I didn't have a hard time navigating and exploring it. 

As much as I wanna keep using it, my laptop is in a very limited state lol.
And so I have to keep using Microsoft, but for the ones like a trip to a cafe, or for a group project, this can do so many useful things and can make you even more productive. 

 and speaking of cafe, on a one random night, Bryan and I decided to talk about our business plan, Yaaaas on a cafe pa xD

Sunday, August 6, 2017

July 2017

Hey hey hey !! I'm back.
July is all about stuffing myself with unhealthy foods lol 
and of course consuming carbs comes with consuming your wallet too so yeah literally broke throughout July. Yep.. 

Aside from the broke ass department, I also experienced some huge stresses from my work. Ugh -_- and I'm just so so so happy, it's all over now as I'm typing this. :3

Everyone who personally knew me, knows how indecisive I can be. 
And most of the time it shows on my hair... 
I think I mentioned it on my previous entry that I cut my hair short.
So for July, I, again cut my hair shorter -_-
and idk why I just did. 
Even if I look like a fat dora idgaf hahahaha 
I once again opted for an apple cut. :D
Alam ko nawindang kayo sa mukha kong pang jumpscare. Wag kayong ano.
I used Zenfone Live for this photo. So if you noticed I look fairer and my nose can no longer be seen. You now have a full floured tempura. 

Ok, let's proceed. -_-

I got to meet my friends too!
Hi Alvin and Vien! (this was taken before I cut ma hurr)

 Had a simple lunch at Zarks!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Art Karnival: Boysen Color Play

Last June, Boysen participated at SM North's event, Art Karnival with their Boysen Mix and Match Color Play Set-Up. 

It's the most colorful maze I've ever seen with their bright colors making the white vibe of the mall look dull.

My friend Edz and I tried it coz why not :p and above all, it's free!!

Upon entering this sugoii af maze, you'll find blocks these cubes filled with different shapes and colors.

 she does look happy choosing lolol
Even though she preferred the violets only- her fave color. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

June 2017

Hey Hey Hey! it's me again Grace, 
and look at me shamelessly blogging my first entry for July. Super duper late I know hahahaha and I'm sorry!

So eto na nga, medyo naging busy lang ang lola mo last June coz of the numerous occasions.

Starting with Father's Day. :)
Hi Dad!! ♥
Family Dinner out.

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Lumineers "Sleep on the Floor"

Have you experience listening to a song for the very first time and find yourself hooked on it ? Here's the best example guys and I'm telling you this song give me all the feels I never knew were there !!

What I love about this song, is that it's a complete nostalgia for me. 
All the more with the message itself. Going away with someone and just letting life where it takes you. 

♪♪Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out
'Cause if we don't leave this town
We might never make it out
I was not born to drown
Baby come on♪♪


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Five Things To Do Less Often

So I was contemplating a while ago just about everything and I ended up with this topic. There are some things we tend to over-do that we doesn't necessarily need to. We may be doing it over the top without knowing and we still think it's okay. And I might be guilty with some of these but let's see if you happen too!

So without further ado, let's start!

Here are the five things we need to do less often:

1.) Taking photos of your food.
- Guilty me! But honestly, it's an old story people got used on doing it on a normal basis. We take photos of our food instead of praying first. It's sad that we forgot the main reason why we're all gathered in the dining table.
We get that it's too pleasing in your eyes to not take photo that will serve as a remembrance especially when it's on your fave or fancy restaurant, but doing a little less of it will surely do you good. :)

Can we just munch on food already ? :D

2.) Drinking alcohol religiously.
Alcohol became a huge part of almost every event. Birthdays? Graduation? worst, a heartbreak? it's always there. But as much as I hate to break it up to you. Drinking alcohol on a daily basis could get you in serious health trouble. While it may also contain chemicals that can do good to your body, the downside of it can double up. I, myself drink alcohol, but I only do it when I feel like and that doesn't mean everyday. Once a while is enough and a self control can help you too!

3.) Staying out ALL THE TIME.
Hey! Hi! You still have a family who's waiting for you at home. 
 Sure you don't want to miss out on a that friend's night out at your go-to club or a sleepover at your SO's house while you do netflix and chill but really, you do it more often that you're missing some important people at your home. How about a cooking sesh together with your mom ? or even simply joining them for dinner? A quality time for your fam can never beat any of those I have mentioned above. Spend some time with them while you can coz at the very end of the day, they are the ones who really care for you. 

4.) Posting so much on social media.
Yes, posting every little thing on social media can be quite interesting and superb annoying. First, no one likes to see their newsfeed looking like it's your own timeline with your flood posts. You need to chill woman. Second, posting too much about yourself can get you in danger, so better be careful sharing everything before you hit that post button. Third, it really does get annoying over time. How about loosening it up a bit and enjoy more of what's outside your mobile screen ?

5.) Comparing yourself.
Admittedly guilty girl here ! Whether it's about their rich lifestyle, or by how the way they look. You know just because they're much prettier, richer or sexier doesn't mean you're not. Well here's the good news, you can be! just in a unique way. Don't let these insecurities brainwash your mind and your heart. Everyone is beautiful just the way they are. Stop comparing yourself to them, you're all good on your own girl!

and there's so many more!
But that's all I could come up with right now since it's already way past 11 pm.
btw, did you fall into some of those ? IF you happen to.
Tara let's help each other, bawas bawasan natin :) 


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Villman Computer Systems Inc. @ 25

I know most of you don't know what kind of work I'm in, (aside from the dirty works ssshhh lol) and for the first time ever, I'm gonna share it to you guys. :)

I'm currently working as a service coordinator or known as RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization/Authorizer) at Villman Computer Systems Inc.
Being only a year in service, I'm overwhelmed to be part of its 25th year celebration. 

In regards to that, Villman held its own celebration located at Villa Riza Resort, Nueva Ecija (which is also owned by one of the executives), last May 25, 2017.

so without further ado, lets's start!

Call time at our head office was 5am. 
I sat down on the bus with my bestest of the best girl friend, Edz. 
It was my first time in Nueva Ecija and my oh my sure the travel period was no joke. We got there around 9 am where the managers were waiting. 

Our store manager/ our boss welcomed us in his room and we roamed around the resort. They provided us free snacks for breakfast and were told to put on our Villman customized shirt for the video shoot. It was a bright sunny day!

Villman Family !!
 and while waiting for the cue, I asked Edz to take photos of me because I'm feeling cute that day. So in short, maumay kayo.
 and yes naka medyas lang ako nyan xD

Saturday, June 3, 2017

May 2017

Hi guys ! You're back with me, Grace.

For those of you who are new to my blog, welcome !♥
I write about my daily life, adventures and even misadventures and other random stuffs that I simply want to talk about.
And as you can see, this page looks dull and unorganized coz I manage everything by my sole self and I made this out of the purpose of sharing my thoughts into the internet world. I don't really know how to tweak settings, I just do what I can to make this somehow appealing to my readers (if there are any). 
but hey hey hey, I'm here- still here so can we start now ? :D

May- Aside from the summer vacay, it is also known for mother's day.
And to tell you guys, this is the very first time we're having that occasion  without my mother who's probably right here with me right now while I type this in her room. Days before it, I was getting all these emotional feelings :( There was one time where I just sat there listening to the songs she used to sing and cried my eyes out. I know she can hear me. I know she's out there that night. 

I'm not the fondest on this occasion but you still deserve all the best mom. So to my mom in heaven, I love you. 
And  I promise you one day, we will celebrate it with smiles on our faces and acceptance in our hearts. 

But for now, we're happy to see you. ♥ Hope you're doing fine out there! 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Staycation at Azure Urban Residences Beach Club

Bryan and I booked an overnight stay at Azure Paris Beach Resort just because we both need to have a quick escape from everything for a while. I've been eyeing this one ever since it's opened to public and I see a lot of sponsored posts about it so we decided to gave it a try. 

Days before I checked their page and was disappointed with the amount of negative feedbacks. Starting from the arrogant guards and unhelpful staffs to checking in problems, I prepared myself to experience those. 

But that didn't stopped us from being all hype !

... and off we go. 

Upon arriving at the gate, we presented the guest advise form that they asked us to print the day before our booking date. Got no issues and we got in.
Check in time is 12 nn, but we arrived a little late. Worried about our booking getting cancelled lol the receptionist, checked us in. We presented our valid I.D.s in exchange for our Visitor's Pass. (which should always be in one's possession when leaving the unit) Our contact person, Ms. Stephanie arrived shortly and escorted us to our unit. She's so friendly, and accommodating! 
She explained a couple of things to us before leaving. 

The room is clean and it has everything you need!
From wifi (which has a really fast connection!) to kitchenware!
Perfect for staycations talaga :)

awwed at the black and white theme interior of the room. 

There's also a balcony near the bedroom ♥

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Harry Styles "Sign of the Time"

Been a huge fan of Harry Styles since One Direction days, 
and it makes more sense to me now. He really is better off solo.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm a huge 1D fan but his music is just too beautiful compare to the pop music the group used to sing. 

And it's finally here!
Sign of the Time is sad, poetic and too heavy. The song makes me feel emotional ;__; and makes me want to feel every emotions there is. 
It has an 80's vibe which added more character into it. 
I like how Harry is taking the world with his own music. Not singing about sex and drugs.
He is a breath of fresh air in the music scene and I tell you, he's gonna get bigger than this !


♪♫Just stop your crying
It’s a sign of the times
Welcome to the final show...
Hope you’re wearing your best clothes
You can't bribe the door on your way to the sky
You look pretty good down here
But you ain't really good♪♫


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

April 2017

As for April, lezz start with me and my unimpressive cooking skills. 
I tried making Sticky Asian Fried Chicken Wings that I found on the Recipe App that I downloaded on my phone. It surprisingly turned out good, my brother even thought I bought it ! ;___;

so don't talk to me.
I'm a cook.
Doesn't look appealing hahaha but trust me don't judge the book by its cover applies on this one.

Jinzai is here to give us the most authentic takoyaki in town !
I'm coming back for Baby Tako and aint no care about my seafood allergy T^T